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The Meanings of Animal Dreams

Dreams are the universes way of bringing us special messages.  While you are sleeping the universe is able to communicate with us.  Your dreams can help you uncover the secrets that are locked in your mind.

But if you dream of animals, what does that mean?


If you dream about a dog or many dogs and the dogs are nice and amiable, this means that you have opportunities for loyal friendships heading your way.   If the dog in your dream was mean or scary, it means that someone you have befriended is not loyal to you.


If you dream about cats or a cat and the animals are friendly, this means that someone loves you from afar, but for some reason they are not ready to make their feelings known.  If the cat in your dream is hissing and growling or otherwise scary it means that an upcoming trip may not go well.  It would be wise to be patient during this trip.


If dream about birds and their songs and those songs are happy, it means that good news is heading your way. If a bird lands on your shoulder it means that love is near. If the bird flies away   it means you will need to leave your comfort zone to find love


If rabbits are appearing in your dreams it means that your family will be expanding, either through marriage or biologically.


Elephant dreams signify financial success. If you are thinking of starting a business or making an investment, elephants are a good sign that any obstacle s for your success will be easy to remove.

Mice or Rats

Seeing Mice or rats signifies that you need to watch your finances. Be careful if you are investing and saving.  It is however, a good time to ask for a raise.


Dreams of horses signify that you are increasing in popularity. You should go out with friends, or take some time to make some new ones.   This is a good time to go out with friends or make new ones.


Dreaming about snakes means you should take extra care. It also means you will be able to unravel secrets that may keep you from advancing.  Snake dreams can also indicate opportunities in your employment.

Dream Symbols Are Personal

Your dreams can tell you many things. Don’t ignore the signs.  Your animal dreams may be trying to reveal a truth to you. If you find yourself confused by these, consult a psychic with experiencing analyzing dreams.

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