Dreaming of Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

People dream of having a perfect wedding and even as children, many times we dream of what we think our wedding will be like. Some will have the dreams that they dreamed to come true. When it comes time to wedding seasons, dreaming of wedding dresses might start to happen more and more. This can come from the feelings that people have of anticipation of the big wedding day.

What does it mean to you if you are dreaming of a wedding dress? These dreams can come even when you aren’t getting married, and they might have different meanings and interpretation.

Saying Yes About the Dress Dreams

Do you plan on getting married and picking out the perfect dress? If you are happy with it, you might have this dream because you are confirming that you are ready to commit to your relationship in the perfect dress.

Marriages are about couples and a wedding dress is one of the things that the bride picks out on her own. This can mean partnership. If you are happy with your dress but other people didn’t like it, you might have a dream because you are not getting the support that you need from others.

Other reasons that you might dream about your wedding dress is because you are not as confident as you want to be. If you dream the dress doesn’t fit, this can be a sign of lacking confidence.

Dress is Ruined Dream

Maybe you are dreaming that you have the dress, and you dream it gets ruined. This can be stressful because you know in your mind that you have to keep the dress perfect until your big day. Or this can also mean that you are protective of something in your life.

If you dream that the dress was given to you, you might care deeply for the person that gave you the dress. You might wonder what is going to happen when your marriage happens and if the person that gave you the heirloom dress will still love you.

Notice how your dress was ruined when you dream. Notice if you are the one wearing the dress or someone else and if you were the one that ruined it or someone else. This can mean that you feel that your wedding is going to be sabotaged by someone else.

Also, a dirty dress can mean that you feel that you have no self-esteem and that you are worried about committing to your partner. You also might feel that people around you are jealous of your wedding and that they don’t really care about you like they say.

Missing Dress Dream

Did you dream that your wedding dress is missing? This kind of dream can mean that you feel that you can’t afford to buy a dress and that you want to be able to buy something more expensive.

The dress can also come in a dream and not be white. Notice the color and what the color of the dress makes you feel. What is the color of the dress saying? A red dress can mean you are bold or that you are passionate about something.

Wearing the Dress Not in the Wedding Dream

Some people dream of wearing their dress in a totally different setting than the wedding. This can mean that you are ready to commit but it isn’t in a relationship but something else.

If you dream of your wedding dress being put on by someone else, it can mean that you feel that you aren’t the one that has got to be in the spotlight, and you are upset about it. This can mean that you need more attention, and you need to have self-love.

It’s Only a Dress

Even though a wedding dress is important, remember, it’s only a dress. Dreaming of a wedding dress can mean that you are stressed about other things or that things in your life are upsetting you.

Notice what happens in the dream and what it makes you feel like. This can change what you think and what you feel about your dream.