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The Importance of Your Dreams

Part of the experience of being human is our dreams.  Our dreams are a window into our souls. Dreams can also be a source of inspiration or a message from our subconscious.

Artists constantly have energy moving around them and in them. For example, an artist friend of mine painted a picture of a woman he had never met. He began to journal his dreams and began working on lucid dreaming.  As a result of this, the woman came to him in his dreams.  Several years later he met a woman who could have been the visitor to his dreams. They quickly became friends and later married.

When they first met she felt as if she knew him but could not remember where or when. They had several shared interests.  She felt from their very first conversation in the cafeé that she knew this man though she could not quite place when and where, even though when she was younger she had dreams of a man painting her picture. In those dreams she later married the artist. Is it possible that their dream meetings may have been the spark that led to this real life meeting?

The correlation between art, music, language and symbolism can help hone intuition and psychic abilities. There is the case of a mathematician solving perplexing equations while he slept. This mathematician may have gained the ability to focus his dreams through years of Zen Buddhism.

If you can ever say that you have woken up suddenly from a dream to find yourself gasping for breath, it may be that your soul moved outside of your physical body to another place.  The gasping could be caused by your soul rejoining your body. If you choose to practice lucid dreaming or seek to connect with another plane of existence, it is wise to act in a way that is for the greater good for all concerned.

Clarity of focus can be gained by just focusing on a fixed point for several minutes while slowly breathing in and out.  This type of breathing should be conscious while one is fully engaged and focusing on their own breath slowly and imagining a silver cord connecting you to the earth. When ready, imagine that you feel a golden bubble of protection that only allows that which you give permission to enter into this safe space. This should be practiced until you can gain control over this whole process.

Another way to connect with your dreams is by keeping a journal or log of the dreams. Connect with another person and share your process.  This will help enhance your spiritual journey.  Be open to hearing the heartbeat of the divine. Our dreams can be a healing journey for our world and everyone in it Open your mind to acknowledge that every event happens for a purpose.  A joyful future awaits for those who are read to be awakened.

In the spirit of love and courage, listen to your spirit.  Live a life of forgiveness and gratitude and abundance.  Be mindful of your present and stay open to your future.

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