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Dreams And Their Categories

The founding father of dream interpretations, psychologist Carl Jung, believed that dreams are a view into someone’s subconscious mind.  While the person is sleeping, he thought, their unconscious brain is working to fix problems and overcome waking obstacles. Austrian  Doctor Sigmund Freud  believed that all dreams had sexual implications. Even though Freud was Jung’s mentor, Jung held fast to his own beliefs.  He worked to unlock the mystery of the meaning behind dreams.

He believed that the dreamer played a large part in the interpretation.  Even though there are common symbols in dreams that have universal meanings. Only the individual can truly understand the symbolism and meanings of their own dreams.  Some of these dreamers use the widely available dream dictionaries to interpret symbols.

Dreams can be broken up into seven basic categories. This separation can help you interpret the meaning of your dream.

Precognitive Dreams: These are dreams that have details that may give you insight into an important event that will happen in the future. This type of dream may give us a prediction of the future  based on inherent sixth sense.  It is said that Abraham Lincoln dreamed of his own death. This is an excellent example of a precognitive dream.

dreams man playing the pianoWarning Dream:  This type of dream will broadcast the future of the dreamer if they stay on the a particular course of action.  This dream may be as overt as the dreamer coming to a crossroads and going the wrong way.

Factual Dreams:  These are dreams that seem to reiterate what the dreamer knows in their waking life. This dream also underscores or highlights events that have already happened.  This can uncover details about the dreamer through the individual symbols in the dreams.   Factual Inspirational Dreams:  This is a  dream that can help the dreamer take an action or make a plan that can solve a problem, either personal or professional.  This type of dream can be a motivation for the dreamer to make a change in their lives.

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Wish Fulfillment:  This is the type of dream where what we want can become a reality.  This dream can be a coping mechanism for our subconscious to help us with what we want in our waking mind.

Compensatory Dreams:  These are  similar to wish fulfillment.  These happen to fill something that may be lacking in the dreamer’s life.  Dieters may dream of indulging in a smorgasbord of forbidden foods to help make up for what they are missing.

Breaking down the type of dreams is a small part of part of  interpreting and analyzing subconscious creations.  It is a good first step.  It is also a good way to make you aware of the pattern of your dreams and see what the correlation to your real life is.

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