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Dreams And Their Categories

Carl Jung is a psychologist who is also one of the founding father’s of dream interpretations.  He believed that dreamdreams bedroom nights were a window, a vista, into a person’s unconscious mind. Jung thought that while the dreamer is sleeping, their unconscious mind is working to find solutions to problems and obstacles that they face while awake and in their conscious mind.

Jung’s mentor Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis, had a different belief wherein dreams were sexual in nature.  Jung did not agree with Freud’s theory. He continued to study the mystery of dreams and to unlock their meaning, his method of dream interpretation was placed on the dreamer.  Yes there are symbols that are common in dreams and for the most part can have universal meaning but it is up to the dreamer to unlock the images they see their dreams, as cryptic as they are, to understand the meaning behind them.  Some dreamers us the dream dictionaries to help them unlock these images by taking their dreams and dividing them into scenarios and try to give meaning to each isolated scenario.  Objects and people seen in the dream might also have meaning so these are taken into consideration as well.  

To help make the process of dream interpretation easier, let us look into the 7 specific categories most dreams can be broken to. These categories can help you identify the type of meaning and also indicate what kind of dream you are having.

dreams man playing the pianoPrecognitive Dreams are specific details in the dream will foretell an important event that is about to about or will happen in the future. These dreams appear to predict the future through the use of our sixth sense. Abraham Lincolns dream that foretold of his death two weeks before his assassination is a good example of a precognitive dream.

Warning, as the name suggests, these dreams will often tell of an impending danger that is going to happen to the dream if they don’t change a course of action or choose a specific action. A dream about being lost in the woods could indicate the dreamer is heading down the wrong path and needs to change make changes before it is too late.

Factual are the dreams that are confirmation to the dreamer of what he or she already knows to be true. It can also emphasize a specific detail in someone’s life. Factual dreams can tell his hidden truths about ourselves with the various symbols that are represented in our dreams.

Inspirational is any dream that is inspirational to the dream could represent some kind of a step or action one can take to resolve a personal or business problem that may be troubling the dreamer. Inspirational dreams can be used to motivate dreamers to make positive changes in their lives.

Wish Fulfillment, to our subconscious mind, is when our desires can often take shape in become a reality in our dreams. If you have been dreaming about being rich your entire life, you could have a dream about winning the lottery. Wish fulfillment dreams help our minds cope with our inner desires that we have in our conscious mind.

dreams, girl on a benchCompensatory are dreams similar to the wish fulfillment, compensatory dreams occur as a way to satisfy something that is missing in our lives. If you haven’t had a sexual relationship for a long time, you might have a compensatory dream about meeting a new partner and fulfilling those sexual desires that you have.

While the categories are only part of what helps analyze and interpret dreams, it is good to start understanding the process.  You can also start noticing if you have a pattern to the types of dreams you are having and if they match a certain period in your life.  

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