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Dreams Can Connect Us With Something We Never Thought Exists

       There are different levels of consciousness within our human brain and each of it connecting us in some way with parallel universes. Each person holds the entire universe within themselves, and has the potential to connect with the spiritual plane. Some are more aware of this than others.
One question remains: Are we ever fully conscious during our waking period? The answer is no. We spend more than half of our day routinely functioning without being fully aware of what we are doing or why we are doing it. Our real spirit is locked in a human body which needs to spend 1/3 of its life asleep. We are asleep to that which is truly real and genuine, and are awake to the limitations of being bound in our material body.

Reconnecting With Loved Ones
As the conscious mind relaxes more and more, the unconscious is opened to new universes, unbound by the body and bodily needs. It becomes more feeling, more spiritual. Here we can connect with our loved ones once again. Here we can resolve conflicts within ourselves that may arise during the day. It is here that we receive messages from the spirit world. Here we reconnect. Here we are the most intelligent. Again, remember this is approximately one third of our lives!

Why It’s Important to Remember Your Dreams
Very often we don’t remember what was said or done in the dream. We lose it as we awaken; but the feeling remains and has tremendous impact on our day. For this reason we spend much of our day walking around in a mood we can’t understand. In reality, it’s a lot more than just getting up on the wrong side of the bed.
Make an effort to remember your dream immediately upon coming back up to consciousness before you are too fully awake, otherwise the memory will be quickly lost. Even a few key memories will help. You can always fill in the blanks in the morning.

The Value of a Dream Diary
Keeping a dream diary is also helpful during periods of stress and anxiety. It can be especially helpful after suffering a loss. You can practice automatic writing for 10 or 20 minutes before going to sleep at night: simply write down whatever thoughts flow into your mind, and you will be surprised where they lead.
Simply allow your dreams to take over from there, and resolve any issues with which you may be dealing through your spirit guides, as you enter your parallel universe through sleep.
It is here that the boundaries of time and space are removed. It is here that you will reunite with your loved ones after your spirit is freed forever from the confines of the human form. It is here you will be awakened to what is truly real within you.

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