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Dreams Can Reveal Some Health Problem

Our dreams can give us an opportunity to enter our subconscious mind and provide us a safe space to explore what’s happening in our waking life. While we are familiar with the connection between our dreams and our emotional health, we are not as aware of the dire health warnings regarding our physical health that may be present in dreams. It’s always a good idea to reflect on your night’s dreams upon waking. This meditation can give you important insights that may hold the key to your emotional and physical health. It’s especially important to explore dreams that stay with you throughout your day.

There are three different types of dreams that are used to help uncover vital clues about your physical health. If your dream happens at the beginning of an illness before you feel any symptoms, it is called a prodromal dream whereas a dream that occurs during the illness is a symptomatic dream. Additionally, a diagnostic dream will not only alert you to the symptoms that you are experiencing, but will also give you important clues to the underlying cause of your health condition.

If you are having recurring dreams about a house or car, especially if it’s in disrepair, it may be wise to pay attention to your health. Often times the house or car is a symbol for your body. The problems that arise in the dream will give you important clues in recognizing your health problems and can point you in the right direction for diagnosis. Other times an injury in your dream, especially an animal bite, can reflect the injured part of the body is in need of attention.

How to Spot a Health Warning Dream

Pay Attention to Recurring Dream

Do you come back to the same dream night after night? If so, it’s time to take a deep look into what your subconscious needs you to know in your waking life. Careful examination of your repetitive dreams will help you determine how well you are dealing with the stress and anxiety in your waking life, or it may be the key to uncovering a serious health problem. Oftentimes these recurring dreams are mistaken for nightmares and you will remember them upon waking.

Get Symbolic

When doing dream work it is important to remember that they are very rarely, if ever, literal. Many of the messages in our dreams are given using symbolism and metaphors. The true meanings behind these symbols and metaphors are often taken from your waking life and may include cultural references. At times the connection may seem very strange and other times too obvious to be believed. However, it takes practice and an open mind to interpret your dreams, especially when it contains warnings about your health.

Sharing Dreams

Have you ever woken up from a strange dream or nightmare that lingered in your waking thoughts, only to find out that a family member or close friend has had the same dream? The chances are good that this sharing of a dream was not just coincidence. It is entirely possible that someone close to you has picked up on your health issue and is there to help support you and encourage you to pursue treatment.

Now that dream studies are becoming more and more recognized, it is becoming apparent that they are a vital aspect to our overall health. Not only do they give us a strong indicator of our emotional health, they can also give us warnings of dire health issues that need immediate attention. With enough thought and attention, your dreams can help you on the path to recovery.

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