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What do Your Dreams Really Mean?

People have been thinking dreams and their meanings for centuries, but it is only recently that dreams have been the subject of research and study.  Scientists and philosophers aren’t the only ones pondering over the true meaning behind the wall of sleep.

What do dreams mean? Why do we dream at all?  It is almost an an unanswerable question, as no one truly can say what the secret workings of the mind mean.  Dreams are, indeed, a baffling mystery.  Understanding and interpreting those dreams feels almost impossible, particularly since dreams can take many turns over the course of one night’s sleep.

Dreaming of being chased

Most people have claimed to have recurring dreams of being chased. This dream can cause anxiety because the feeling caused by the chase is very clear and very real.  The meaning of the dream lies not in the running, but what you running from.  This dream can mean that you are not focusing on a important concern when you are awake.

Dreaming of water

dream2In our dreams, water is a symbol of our emotions or things that lie in our subconscious.  The purity of the water is parallel to how well we are coping with the emotional concerns in our daily lives.

Dreaming of being paralyzed

This is an especially scary dream because we are so physically limited when we are sleeping. It is thought that when we dream that we are paralyzed we are actually moving through a stage of deep sleep and waking.  This type of dream indicates that we feel that we are out of control in our daily lives.

Dreaming of death

A dream about death doesn’t necessarily mean doom and gloom, instead it means that there is a change coming and something is ending in order to find room for something new.

Dreaming of flying.

If we encounter flight in our dreams it is a direct parallel to how feel about the control we have in our waking life.  If we are flying high it is usually a symbol of jubilance. If our flight pattern is challenged, it can mean we are frustrated by the obstacles we encounter.


Dreaming of falling

This is another common dream. This is often thought of as scary and definitely negative.  Some interpret this kind of dream as symbolic of letting go and serenity.  Also, the fall can also be seen as breaking away from something that is overwhelming in our daily lives.

Dreaming of being nude

If you dream of being nude, it can mean that you are concerned with being vulnerable either emotionally or psychologically.

 Dreaming about people.

The people you encounter in your dream represent the different sides of your personality. How you interact with the people is can actually give you insight in how you relate to yourself.

Only you can truly understand what your dreams mean, because you know yourself best.  However, a dream dictionary or trusted psychic can give you some guidance.

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