Finding Your Soulmate

Finding Your Soulmate

When you have went through a lot of heartache, you might vow that you will never allow anyone to hurt you again.  Maybe you have been guarded for so long that you are afraid of being in a relationship because you don’t want your heart broken.

Finding the right person is healthy and can help to heal your broken heart.  It is better to get over having a broken heart than to live your whole life alone.  Give yourself a chance to fall in love.

There is a right person for everyone and sometimes it just takes time to find them.  You deserve to love someone and to have someone to love you.

Love comes at a time where you don’t expect it and there are signs that you can tell in the universe that love is on its way.  Let yourself meet them and find happiness.  Let your soulmate come.

Romantic Dreams

If you find that you are having romantic dreams, chances are the universe is getting you ready to meet your soulmate.

The dreams might make you feel good and keep you going in the day.


When you find that you want to better yourself for no reason, this could be a sign that your soulmate is close.

You can focus on yourself and doing better things because this will attract your soulmate.  It is a good thing to do and put positive energy into improving yourself and just wait and see what happens.


When your soulmate gets close, you will see that you have a purpose in life.

When things seemed like they were empty and now all of a sudden you feel that life has meaning, this can make you feel excited.

Doing what you love can bring you closer to your emotions of true love and can bring your soulmate into attraction.

Love in the Air

Everywhere you go, there is love in the air.  You see birds singing, social media is on fire with new relationships and you see people holding hands and loving on each other.

You might go to the mall or hear a love song on the radio.

This might get on your nerves, but it is just a sign to get you excited.  Love wants to come into your life next.


When you are looking for love, you know what you want in a relationship.  You have every detail planed on what your partner should look like and what they should act like.

Sometimes, you just want these needs and the relationships are wrong.  Once you understand what you really want though, those details will fall in place.  You will find your soulmate and they will be just what you want.

If you want your partner to have dark hair and to be in shape, you really might be looking for someone that is healthy and positive.  Let the universe guide you.


Since you are preparing for your new love, open up your life.  Be open to new things and meeting new people.  When you get invited somewhere, go.

Socialize in new places and don’t stay where you are always comfortable.  Love rarely comes in places of comfort.

Open yourself up to new things and free yourself from being alone.


There are times that when your soulmate gets close that it causes the energy vibrations to go up.  You might not know why you have so much energy, but you can feel it.

You feel positive and you feel that things are great in your life.

You might wake up each day and feel that you are happier and full of energy, for no reason.  This is a sign your soulmate is close.


When you make mistakes in past relationships, this can feel like something against you.  Remember, this is a learning thing.  You have to see it as a learning tool and learn to draw from it.

You know that you will not do the same mistakes over and over again and you will do the right things.  When you enter into a relationship with someone new, be happy and let the past heartache go.  Learn to fall in love again.