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Getting Rid of Black Magic

Getting Rid of Black Magic

Black magic is something that has been around for years and years and the original reason behind black magic was to curse someone or to get revenge over someone that had done something to them.

When someone casts black magic, it can still be negative and is often used to make someone jealous or angry or to make someone do something that they don’t want to do.

No matter what reason the caster has, black magic can take someone’s energy and make them a victim. They can cast evil spells on people that leave them feeling sad, depressed or even sick.

If you think you are a victim of black magic, then you need to remove the spells that have been put on you and learn to protect yourself from any future spells.

Symptoms of Black Magic

There are different symptoms that you might experience if a spell was cast on you such as:

  • Gaining or losing weight for no known reason.
  • Have skin problems like acne that you have never had, and you cannot get rid of.
  • You all of a sudden start smelling bad and having bad odor even when you shower or wear perfume or cologne.
  • You are sick or tired all the time.
  • You have a hard time sleeping.
  • You find that you are fighting with everyone in your life.
  • You are always angry or upset and you never have peace.
  • Sudden loss of hearing or loss of seeing.
  • Stress or anxiety becomes normal.
  • Sudden death in your family that is strange.
  • Loss of your job or business clients.

Black magic is negative, and it will send energy to your world that will cause bad things to happen to your mind, body, and soul. This can also cause you to be at loss in your job, your relationships or even in your finances.

Black magic will make your life a living hell.

Getting Rid of Black Magic

If you have any of the symptoms above or you find that people are acting jealous or mad at you for no reason, chances are you have a Black magic spell cast on you.

Black magic always comes from a negative place and if you feel that you have this kind of spell cast on you then you need to remove it.

Ways to Remove Spells

There are different ways you can remove spells and here are some of them:

Mirror and Black Candle

Black magic is negative energies that can attract to you and here is what you need to stop this spell:

  • Candle
  • Mirror

Put a mirror where it will face the wall and put the black candle in front of it and let it burn all night long. These spells take black energy and sends the energy into the caster. The candle will be a representation of the negative energy and it will absorb the energy that is around you.

Do not look at your reflection while the candle is burning and always make sure it faces the wall.

When morning comes, if the candle is still lit, blow it out and the wax will be buried. The good energy will get rid of the negative energy and replace it.

Wash the mirror with salt water to get rid of any negative energies that had attached to it and thank the universe for taking care of you.

Olive Oil

This spell remover was popular in Italy and that is because olive oil is used in almost everything there. This can be used to remove negative and evil energies or spells. Here are some things you will need:

  • Plate
  • Bowl
  • Olive Oil
  • Scissors

Put a drop of water into the plate or bowl and then put 3 drops of olive oil on top of it. The olive oil will make a circle and will show you that black magic does surround you.

If the circle is long, it means it was done by a woman but if it spread across the bowl or plate, there is no evil against you.

If the oil makes a long circle, take a pair of scissors, and cut the circle and do this till all of the circles are gone. Thank the universe for getting rid of the spell.

Yellow Mustard and Cow Waste

This spell remover is done if you have black magic that was done to you in your house. Here are some things that you will need:

  • Yellow mustard.
  • Incense.
  • Guggul which is an herb of myrrh.
  • Cow Ghee which is made of cow butter.
  • Cow Dung cake which is dried cow waste.
  • Camphor.

Put all the ingredients on the ground and burn them. Put the incense above the things that are burning and burn it too.

Let the materials burn and then spread the ashes out in the corners of your home. Ask the universe to remove the black magic spell.

Do this ritual everyday for 21 days to get rid of all of the evil from your life and your home.


This rituals can be done at home and if the symptoms keep coming, you need to talk to a professional psychic or healer to help you remove the curse.

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