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Good Things That Dream Gives You

Many of us don’t think our dreams have value, in fact, most of us don’t want to try to understand what our dreams could be telling us.  However, if we pay attention, we can learn a lot from our dreams. Our dreams can be categorized in the following way.

  1. Rehearsal

If you are trying to learn something new, you may dream that you are practicing that ask.  You subconscious is giving you the valuable opportunity to try out the new skill and find yourself successful. This will give you confidence to continue working on the new task.  When you dream of extreme peril, your psyche is helping you to prepare for danger and giving you the chance to process your plan of action.

  1. Memory Storage

The human brain has its own procedure of maintaining your memories.

The brain associates your memories with past knowledge. Dreams help your subconscious build these connections. These connections are similar to a filing system.  Your memories are filed away by these connected associations.  Something you are experiencing today will connect with an event in the past.

  1. Communication

Your dreams can also help you find the answer to a problem that you can’t solve in your daily life.  While you are sleeping, your dreaming mind will work on this problem.   Some talented few have dreams that allow them to communicate with other beings outside of their dreams. Precognitive Dreams

A large percentage of people dream of things that happen in their real, waking lives.  There are many reported cases precognitive dreams.  Several famous people including Abraham Lincoln and the Beatles have had precognitive dreams. Although many have had dreams like this, most dreams are not about the future. Rather, they are a replay of things that happen when we during or waking hours that we need to think about a little further.

Symbols in dreams

People are often curious about the symbolism behind things they see in a dream. While people have many dreams in common, there is no specific rule of thumb when it comes to identifying common symbols. Just as people communicate in many different ways,  each individual applies a different meaning to each symbol.

Some find Dream Dictionaries useful in understanding their dreams, while still others find them confusing.  If you are completely befuddled and bothered by your dreams and can’t find a satisfying resolution, you can consult a psychic who specializes in dream analysis.

Your Best Ideas and Biggest Fears

Exploring and interpreting dreams can be helpful, especially if you work in the creative arts.  Wonderful ideas for new creations can spring forth from your dreams and with the right guidance you can develop a deeper understanding of your dreams.

If your dreams seem to be sending conflicting signals you many find this lack of focus related to displaced energy in your waking life, but remember it’s just a dream so it is a sign, not necessarily prophecy.

A Wealth of Untapped Information

Don’t ignore the information transmitted by dreams.  It’s not just nonsense spouted from an overactive imagination.  If you are having a hard time solving problems, you can connect yourself to a spiritual solution by transcribing and interpreting your dreams.  A trustworthy psychic  with a history of dream analysis can be a great help .

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