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How Can You Tell a Ghost from a Spirit?

How Can You Tell a Ghost from a Spirit?

We often hear the terms ghosts and spirit used interchangeably.  There is in fact a clear distinction.  Our spirit arises from a Divine energy source.  Upon our death, the physical body is no longer, but our spiritual essence goes back to the Universe.  Yet, if the spirit takes on an excess of energy, after death our human form can linger behind on earth in an ethereal from that is common referred to as a ghost.

Understanding energy

Our spirit is comprised of energy that creates and governs our thoughts.  The energy and our thoughts exist eternally.  Ghosts result from an excess of human identity energy and serve as a timeless imprint of a life left behind.  When you form a relationship with energy, you can actually grow to see and feel various energy fields, vibrations, and especially changes.  Everything is energy!


Ghosts, unlike a spirit, do not arise directly from the Divine.  Ghosts are created from the energy that was generated during one’s lifetime.  They are the ethereal manifestations of one’s physical body and due to their ample energy, ghosts can interact with the physical world.  Often because of lingering energy, ghosts find themselves repeating patterns endlessly.  For example, a ghost’s ability to project an image of walking up stairs or making noises in a section of a home.


Following death our spiritual essences leaves our physical body.  The human form begins to decompose, thus releasing energy that was required for “living.”  Our spirit then is able to return to the Universe and our physical form returns to the Earth.  Source energy is eternal.  It transcends earthly objects, places or thoughts.  Understanding how we interact with energy helps us understand if we are dealing with a ghost, getting in touch with our spiritual essence, or working with a divine being.

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