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How do Dream Catchers Work?

How do Dream Catchers Work?

Are you someone that has always wondered how dream catchers work? Dreams come to everyone and people have always been interested in the dreams that others have. Some people have dreams and are able to interpret them while others have dreams and forget them right when they wake up.

Dreams in the American Indian culture are ones that people try to catch and the American Indian people helped to craft these handmade dream catchers with willow and a round hoop and yarn. They would then be decorated with different items such as feathers or beads.

The Ojibwe Nation is the one that started the dream catchers, and these things play a big role in culture. Some ancient stories talk about the Spider Woman who was there to help the Ojibwe tribe. She was a lady that lived on Turtle Island and she would protect them as they moved. But as they moved, it was harder for her to take care of them.

The Spider Woman then decided to talk to the females in the tribe and teach them to make dream catchers that were woven to look like spider webs. The dream catchers were meant to help children to not have bad dreams and this creative thing became part of other American Indian tribes.

How Do Dream Catchers Catch Dreams?

Dream catchers will catch dreams as they pass through the web. They float down the beads and feathers and the good dreams go to the children while the bad dreams are caught and then when the light comes in the morning, the bad dreams vanish.

Children that use dream catchers do not have bad dreams. Some people believe that a dream catcher works when it is close to a window and the good dreams get caught in the web and the bad dreams go out the window.

Other people believe that the dream catcher is just a symbol that is meant to protect the children and to keep people safe and to filter the dreams. These are meant to send good dreams to people.

Some dream catchers have eight points where the web is connected to a hoop. These represent the eight legs of the Spider Woman. The spider is a symbol that means energy and wisdom and for the American Indian people, they believe that the dream catchers can bring good energy and get rid of negative energy. This can happen when people are sleeping or awake.

Have you ever had a dream catcher? If you are part of an American Indian Tribe, chances are that you have even learn to make your own dream catcher.

It is important to learn things about different cultures and the dream catcher has been around for thousands of years in the American Indian culture.


Take time to realize how important dreams are in different cultures and take time to learn more about the American Indian people’s cultures and their symbols.

If you remember your own dreams, take time to write them down in a dream journal and then make your own dream catcher to hang over your bed.

Figure out what kind of cultural things that you have done with your family and learn to enjoy your life and to have sweet dreams and sweet sleep.

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