How Do Precognitive Dreams Affect Your Life?

Precognitive Dreams

Dreams can tell you many things about what is going on in your mind or what you are hoping can happen for you in life. Some wonder though, can dreams really predict the future?

Precognitive dreams are dreams that help you to know things about the future that you would never know. Maybe you dream about your best friend that you haven’t seen in a month or years and then later that night, they call you.

The dream can also be a scary dream such as tornadoes, or emotions or something that makes you sad or angry. Even though these kinds of dreams don’t seem to mean anything until something actually does scare you, it can mean something then. You might not even be able to remember parts of the dream that are important but maybe you just remember that fear and the strong emotions.

Having dreams about the future might make you feel scared or worried or shocked or make you even feel that you can tell the future.

Dream Examples

There are many people around the world that have had dreams that have helped to tell the future. Here are a few examples of these dreams:

  • John Barker talked to people because there were people that had dreams that a disaster was going to happen and then in 1966, many were killed in South Wales when a school was buried because of a wasted coal mine. There were over 60 people that dreamed about this happening before it did.
  • Abraham Lincoln dreamed about seeing himself in his own casket before he was killed. This dream happened 2 weeks before he was assassinated, and his casket was right where he dreamed it would be.
  • Carl Jung, a psychotherapist had many future telling dreams. The first was of his mother’s death and the others were before the World War 1 came.

Are Precognitive Dreams Common?

Research shows that there are many people that have precognitive dreams. These dreams can come in different forms. But some believe that more people have these dreams than actually admit.

Sometimes people do not believe in psychic things and so they will not admit to having precognitive dreams. This means that people will not say that they experienced something that they don’t believe in.

There is no real way to know how many people have these kinds of dreams.

What Causes These Dreams

Science is not able to say exactly what causes these dreams to happen but there are some theories.

Selective Thinking

Some believe that people are able to remember things because they write down their dreams and they write down events in their life.

They sometimes look at their dreams and see if their day had anything that would have caused them to have these dreams.

Researchers seem to remember their events more after their dreams and they cannot deny that they have had precognitive dreams.

When something happens in your life, it is sometimes hard to remember it until you dream of it.

Having long and strange dreams such as getting lost, missing someone, not being able to get where you want, etc., can cause you to remember small parts of things that have happened in your day. This can make your dreams to the point where you can predict things such as being late for a party.

Not Related

Research also shows you that there are people that believe strongly in precognitive dreams and these people will be able to make connections between their dreams and things that aren’t related.

When you have people to try to find connections with their dreams and life, people that believe in psychic powers will often be able to relate their dreams to their everyday life.

If you dream of being in a fight with someone, you might wake up being angry at them even though it was just a dream. Later, you might even find that this dream comes true, and you are fighting with your best friend.


Precognitive dreams can also just be a coincidence. If you are going to have many dreams that you remember, something in your life should eventually become a match to your dream.

Even though this isn’t something natural, it just happens because you have so many dreams and experiences each and every day.

Mental Connection

It is common to dream about things that are happening in your life or things that you go to bed thinking about. Maybe you worry about something and then you dream about it.

These things just happen and if you dream of breaking up with your partner and then you wake up, chances are you aren’t breaking up for no reason but there might be problems in your relationship that make you worry if the breakup is going to be real.

Dreaming of things like fire or things getting struck by lightning might happen if you are dreaming these things because of the hot weather and the storms in the forecasts.

Stopping Precognitive Dreams

Some believe that you can have more precognitive dreams now than ever because of crisis around the world.

There are many dreams that people have had about war, such as Jung who dreamed often about it before he died and then World War 1 came.

When things that are bad are happening around you in life, you are more than likely going to dream about it than you would if you didn’t see bad things.

Also, if you are not getting enough rest, chances are that your sleep is not there to recharge you and can make you feel more negative.

Stop being so stressed and try to get a better nights rest. Try to do things that can make you have peace. Talk to a therapist or find ways to manage your emotions when they are hard. A good sleep can help you with this.


Dreams can help you to know the future, but this may or may not be real. No one really knows and scientific evidence has shown that there are different reasons why people dream and what their dreams will show them.