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How to Dream of a Future Spouse

How to Dream of a Future Spouse

According to folklore, there are different ways that you can find your future partner or more than normal, a future husband. If you are someone that is looking for a husband, you might choose to find methods that can help you find a man. In many cultures, people have looked for a husband and many of the girls have been taken in by their husbands family.

A husband was mostly allowed to do anything except to murder the girl that he was going to marry.


January 21 is a divination time for when people would go out and try to find a groom. This is a time where the woman would look in the mirror and call for her husband.

Her husband would then appear in her dream, and she would know what was going to happen.

June 23 is another date when people would lay out things such as:

  • Cheese
  • Bread
  • Ale

The should go down and then enter the room and she would do things such as:

  • Bow
  • Drink the ale
  • Bow again and again
  • Fill her glass up again
  • Bow again
  • Leave the room

Once she did this, chances are that she would find her husband soon.

During Halloween, this is a time of harvest, and the women would come and bob for apples.  Once they got an apple it would go under their pillow while they were sleeping. Once they were sleeping, they would have a dream of their future husband walking with them.

During New Year’s Eve, some women would sweep a room backwards while staring at a mirror and this would call their husband to them.

Girls would often say a rhyme, and this would bring their husband.

Other Times

If you couldn’t wait for a certain time here is what you could do:

  • Put your shoes at right angles and ask for your love to change them to a T.
  • Put wedding cake through a bride’s ring and put it under your pillow.
  • Knit a left gather with your right stocking.
  • Put a brick from the church under your pillow.
  • Put a four-leaf clover under your sheets.
  • Eat salt herring.
  • Clip your fingernails and put the nails in a flame on the lamp.
  • Throw apple peels over your shoulder and see if they fall into the initials of your future husband.

These are all ways that women were able to foretell their future husbands.

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