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How to Have Lucid Dreams

How to Have Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming occurs when you are in such deep sleep that you know that you are dreaming, but posses the ability to control facets within your dream.  During the dream, aspects feel so “real” it feels like you are living out this situation.  However, this sensation stops when the conscious part of your brain awakens. In non-lucid dreams, your conscious brain shuts down.  This is why most dreams feel foggy when you wake up, because you lacked full awareness of your situation.  The greatest disparity between dream types is the amount of control you have over the dream’s outcome.  An ordinary dream feels like you are watching a movie, whereas in a lucid dream you are the leading actor.

Experiencing a lucid dream

Lucid dreams feel like you are shaping your life without any limits.  You travel to any location, form any shape with your body, become a whole new being, and achieve any goal.  The world is yours to build!  During these dreams your senses are incredibly elevated and you achieve out of this world experiences.  Similarly, emotions also become intensified.  Feelings of happiness and joy heighten your pleasurable activities.  Unfortunately, the same is also true for negative feelings and emotions.  Luckily, as you become more skilled in controlling your dreams you can mitigate such harmful feelings.

Creating lucid dreams

Lucid dreaming centers around discovering key triggers, moments, or cues within your natural sleep cycle that empowers your unconscious self to actualize that they are actually dreaming.  Tranquil music and lucid dreaming apps can facilitate making these experiences more manageable.

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