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Is It A Good Thing To Have A Sex Dreams?

You don’t need to be worried if you had a sensual dreams as it doesn’t always mean a bad thing. Lucky you if you’re dreaming about having sex with the list of scenarios below! These dreams usually mean that some energy that has been out of your control is being incorporated into your personality so you will have control of this force.

Some examples of these types of dreams are explained below:

If you dream you are having sex with a musician, then you are likely to develop an interest in music or singing. At the very least, you are becoming more creative.

If you dream you are having sex with a business person, then you may find yourself having ideas about starting up or developing a business. You are becoming more professional.

If you dream you are making love to a hot, beautiful and sexy man/woman, then you will find those aspects in yourself coming to light. You are becoming hot!

Likewise with eating dreams. Ancient cannibal tribes believed that by eating their enemies they received the power of that enemy. By eating something or having sex we incorporate the power and characteristics of that element in our dream into our ego or conscious personality.

If you dream you are having sex with someone you don’t like or eating something you don’t like, don’t worry!

This just means that the shadow side of your subconscious is offering you gifts of awareness about hidden and possibly dark forces. When you have the power of these so called ‘negative’ or ‘bad’ elements you can choose do wield it in any which way that you like. Darkness is only dark because it has no light. When you bring the light of your personality down into the darkness, it has no control of you and all becomes light! How cool is that?

All the aspects of the dream are forces in our subconscious that are rising to the surface of our minds so they can be incorporated into our personality when we are awake and functioning in the outside world.

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