What Are Psychic Dreams?

Psychic Dreams

Everybody has dreams and even if you have dreams, the question is if you can remember them or not.  Remember, the subconscious mind is where your dreams take place and with REM or Rapid Eye Movement, you will be in a phase of sleep where dreaming is the deepest level.

Studies show that your brain is very active when you are asleep, even more than when you are awake.  If you struggle with stress and worry, your thoughts will continue on these things even when you sleep.

Just because your brain is active while you are sleeping, it doesn’t mean that your dreams are all psychic dreams.  Sometimes your dreams are just part of your unconscious mind of places you have been or people that you have seen when you were awake.

But, if you have ever woken up and had a dream that was confusing or you felt that there was more to it, chances are that this was a psychic premonition or a psychic dream.

This dream would mean a lot more than just a regular dream of something that happened in your day.  Psychic dreams are dreams that give you information from your spirit guides or from the universe.  These dreams use other senses than your natural five senses.

These dreams allow you to get information and to connect deeper to the universe and the spirit world.  Psychic dreams are different, and they revolve around things that are external to you such as a person or a place.

A psychic dream is not new and many of them have been documented in all different places and cultures.  You can tell if your dream is a psychic dream or if it is just a normal dream.  There are different types of psychic dreams that you can learn about here.

Future Dreams

A dream about the future is called a precognitive dream.  This means you will know something before it happens.  This happens a lot on television and many people watch movies and believe that they can have dreams that tell about natural disasters or tragedies before they happen.  This can be a scary thing but most of the time a precognitive dream is not something that will be negative and will be positive about the future.

If you have ever seen the future in your dream such as solving a crime or seeing a natural disaster right before your eyes, then this does not mean that you are not dreaming of events that will happen in the future.  Sometimes, precognitive dreams happen, and you can be in a different place or a place you have never been before.  This can be a place you have never seen or experienced.

This dream might be like that and then the rest of the dream be normal.  Some dreams have big story lines, and some dreams are based on a certain location.  Some dreams are just about life events that will happen.

If you have ever dreamed about a friend or a member of your family that you have not seen in a while, this can be a precognitive dream.  Maybe they will call you the next day or you will run into them at the store.

This type of precognitive dream can show how connected your souls are.  Precognitive dreams can even be regular dreams.

You should keep a dream journal if you want to keep up with your dreams.  Writing down what you dream will help you to remember them and to see them clearly to see if they are precognitive or regular dreams.  You can check back as much as you want to see if your dreams have a deeper meaning.

By writing down your dreams, you can learn symbols and different patterns.  You can learn to understand the language of your dream and if the dreams repeat themselves, you will pay more attention to it because you have it written down.

Maybe your dreams are trying to get you to focus on something in the future like a career path or a relationship.

Telepathic Dreaming

When people dream telepathically, it means they are sharing information and talking to someone in their dream.  This can be a subconscious character in your dream, or you can be having a conversation with someone that is actually communicating with you.

You might have time to communicate with your angels or your spirit guides or a pet or a person in your family that has died.

Dreams can be impacting and when you have a telepathic dream with a visitation, it can help you to talk to your loved ones that have died.

Telepathic dreams can also be between two people that are alive.  These dreams happen when someone is reaching out and calling out to you or you are calling out to them without knowing it.

This is a place where the two souls are connected, and they are able to communicate with each other through dreams.

The person will call upon the other person and then the energies will be focused together.  This can only be done by certain people that are attuned to their conscious mind.  Sometimes, a person that is unconsciously dreaming might be able to connect to someone else in their dream without realizing it.

Telepathic dreams can be verified if you ask the other person in your dreams if they talked to you.

Clairvoyant Dreaming

Another type of psychic dream is the clairvoyant dream.  These dreams are very real, and they can be full of symbols and signs.

A dream that is clairvoyant can give guidance to the dreamer and can show things that will happen in the future.  If you have a vivid dream, it can happen even when you are awake.

The clairvoyant dreaming can be passive and is a natural way to use your psychic abilities.  If you think you are clairvoyant and you are having dreams, you will need to start a journal and write down your dreams so you can decipher what they are trying to tell you.

Your angels and spirit guides will give you dreams that have symbols and when you can learn what they mean, you can understand what your dream means and then you will be happier in life.

Some people have dreams about their past and this is part of the clairvoyant gift.  You can experience things that have happened to you in your past through dreams.

Psychic dreams can pinpoint things in your life and can be more than symbols but can also include themes and insight to what you are doing and where you are going in life.

Always pay attention to your dreams and be sure to write down each dream that you have.  If you have questions, talk to a psychic to help guide you.