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Dreaming about Snakes: Bad or Good?

snake-dreamsIt is common to see animals in our dreams. What’s even more interesting, is that snakes are a common animal to see, even if you don’t have one as a pet. Snakes have a bad rap, but is it warranted?

Most people have a somewhat justified fear of snakes. They can kill much larger creatures, including humans, with venomous bites and strong squeezes. It’s no wonder that we usually assume snakes in dreams symbolize something negative or dangerous. But snakes are actually very docile creatures when left alone and unprovoked, so there’s really no need to assume the worst.


Snakes as a Symbol

Snakes symbolize life, death, and the transition in between. This is why they often appear in dreams to people who have recently or are about to experience a change in their life or that of someone around them. Snakes also represent transformations because they shed their skin as they grow. If you’ve been feeling emotionally conflicted lately, it could manifest in your dreams as a snake.

In general, snakes are believed to represent our psychic awareness and intuition. They may simply be your spirit guide ready to take you on a mental journey.


When Snakes are Bad

As we’ve said, snakes really aren’t such a bad omen as pop culture would have you believe. But, there are times when snakes are not a positive visitor. If the snakes in your dream are aggressive or actively attacking you, take it as a warning sign. You may be about to find yourself in a challenging situation. Like snake’s venom, it may make you feel out of control or paralyzed. Don’t let this new situation get the best of you. You can regain control if you keep a level head and assert yourself. And thank the snakes in your dreams for the heads up.

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