Seeing Water In Your Dream and What it Means

Seeing Water In Your Dream

Water is one of the things that many people see in their dreams and this can be a positive or a negative type of dream. If the water is clear and clean, this is probably a positive dream and if it is murky or choppy, chances are the meaning will change.

If you have had a dream about water and you want to know what it means, know that some dreams have common questions because people are always dreaming. Dreams can have symbols and need interpretations and some dreams can happen based on your feelings and emotions.

Water that is clear and clean can mean that you have good things flowing in your life. If the water is murky and unclear, this could be a dream that is interpreted as something bad. The material of the water can change what a dream means.

Some people believe that water is connected to our emotions and that a dream is important in helping us figure out what the emotions are that we are facing.

Good or Bad?

Water dreams can be both good and bad and it depends on what else happens in the dream. Water can be symbolic like other things and can be based around our feelings or what we are going through in life.

Water gives the body life and is part of the earth and the earth is connected to the water because the element is there to help heal and to bring clear thinking and peace. This shows us that water can also be pure and can help people that have fertility issues and can mean the circle of life.

If we look at different cultures, we can see that the flow of water can change and the symbolism behind it might be different.

What it Means

Dreaming about water can have different meanings. If you have dreams of an ocean or of a storm, it can be hard to interpret that dream. The dream can be connected to your emotions. If heavy rain is falling, it can mean that you need to calm down or that you are calm.

Water can also mean that things need to be calm or still, but it can also mean that you need to control your emotions. If you dream of a long river, it can mean that you have danger ahead of you or that you have deep emotions that you have refused to face.

Water that is powerful or a waterfall might be a warning that you have hard times coming and you have to be ready for it. If you dream of a shower, it can mean that your emotions will change shortly. A river can mean you are connected with nature or that your moods might change.

Clear water can mean that you are joyful and that you are going to get advice about something you need. Remember, the waves are created by the moon, and this is part of your spiritual being. If you find that your emotions are out of control when you dream about water, this can be a sign you need to reflect.

  • Dirty Water

Dirty water in your dream can mean you need to get rid of some emotions in your life. You might have negative things that are holding you back. Water is supposed to heal and if you are aware of what is going on in your life then your dreams will be seen with this kind of water.

Murky water can mean you have feelings that are hidden, or you have negative energy that has come to your life.

  • Deep Water

Dreaming of deep water can mean that you are afraid of something, or you are taking on too many things at once. It can also mean that you need to look into your life and look at things that are hard. If you are having problems at work, this could be why you are dreaming this.

Never fear, you will be able to find inspiration in your dream, even if it seems bad at the moment.

  • Running Water

Running water can mean your life is stable and, you are positive. Take this dream as a time for you to relax and be at peace.

  • Drinking Water

If you are drinking water in your dream, it can mean you are about to go through enlightenment in your life. You will be successful, but you will not be through yet. Take what you get and learn to do more in your life.

  • Drinking Salt Water

Drinking salt water can mean you are going to be disappointed, or your heart is going to be broken. This can mean you have strong emotions in your relationships and that you need to look for healing.

  • Someone Offering You Water

If someone offers you water to drink, it can mean that your friends are there to take care of you. If you offer someone a glass of water, it means you have friends that are spiritual and are there to help you.

  • Being Sprayed with Water

If you are dreaming of being sprayed with water, it means you need to be more honest. Open up and talk about what is going on with your life and your emotions. This can also mean you need to stop being afraid.

  • Walking on Water

Walking on water in a dream can mean you are in control of your mind and emotions. Nothing will go past you and you will be able to help yourself and others.

This can mean that your third eye is open, and you can tell what is going on with people around you. This dream can also mean you are lonely, and you want to grow who you are.

Look at your future and find something positive.

  • Restless Water

Dreaming of restless water or waves can mean that you are allowing your emotions to be in control of you. This can mean that you are worried about something in your life, and you need to be more in control.

  • Muddy Water

Falling into muddy water in your dream can mean that you are successful, and you will be more successful the more you fall in.

This can mean you are also being plagued by bad luck and something needs to change.

  • Water Running in the Faucet

Dreaming of the faucet running can mean that you need to act right and be more responsible. This can mean that you need to grow up and stop acting childlike.

  • Flooding

If you dream of flooding, it can mean you are being more creative and that you should do something like write or paint. This can encourage you to face your problems and to see that you are courageous.

  • Waterfall

A waterfall can be a good or bad dream. If the waterfall seems dangerous, it can mean your emotions are too powerful and you need to calm down. If you are seeing a waterfall over a large rock, it can mean you have serious emotions that need to be in check.

This can also mean you are going to be successful in your business, but you will have to work hard for it.

  • Flowing Water

If you see water flowing towards you, it can mean that you have something powerful coming to you that is positive, but it will be hard to achieve.

Symbols in Dreams

The kind of day that you have can change what your dreams mean. If you are high stressed that day, chances are you will dream of murky water or high running water.

The emotional feelings that you have on a daily basis can decide what you are going to dream because your subconscious mind is always working that way.

Understand that the universe plays a role in your dreams and that your thoughts and daily life activities can cause you to have different dreams.