When Your Guide Shows in Dreams

Reach You in Your Dreams

Have you had dreams lately and they have caused you to be stressed or anxious or you find that having dreams is something that you are not even able to process lately? While no one is exactly sure why dreams happen, dreams can be part of your spiritual world.

Having dreams can be anxious at times because dreams might cause you to feel stressed or to feel down in the dumps. Dreams that you have can come true in your natural life and this can mean that your dreams are coming from your guides and that your guides are trying to direct you and lead you.

Listening to Dream Messages

Your spirit guides want to lead you, and this can include guides such as:

  • Plant guides
  • Animal Guides
  • Elemental Spirits
  • Angels
  • Spirit Guides

These guides help you with your healing and can help you to grow in your spirit world. Here are some things these guides can help you with:

  • Knowing what purpose, you have in your life.
  • Helping to heal your inner being.
  • Helping you to be more creative or inspired.

Recognizing Spirit Guides and Talking with Them in Dreams

We do not always recognize our spirit guides and here are some ways that you can know that your guides are trying to reach you:

  • Repetitive Dreams

If you have dreams that keep repeating themselves, it could mean that they are trying to give you a sign. Your spirit guide is wanting you to listen and to pay attention. Be creative in how you accept the message and learn to notice what they are trying to tell you.

  • Tuning In

If you keep having dreams that are repetitive, figure out what kind of message your guides are trying to give you. Maybe you are understanding the dream from the inside out, but you are missing the real message. Take time to really think upon that dream and discover what it means.

  • People in Your Dream

Pay attention to the different characters and people that are in your dreams. Do they take you to somewhere specific or do you feel that they are a friend or someone strange to you? Do you feel comfortable around the people in your dream?

  • Tuning In

Once you figure out who is in your dream, try to understand if it seems symbolic or if you feel that they are literal. Look at the message that the dream has and see if it plays a role in your life.

  • Ethereal Dreams

Do you have dreams that you walk through walls or that you are walking on clouds? Pay attention to all of the colors in your dreams.

  • Tuning In

If you are having an ethereal dream, look at how it made you feel when you wake up. This can be a dream that is full of symbols that you are meant to figure out. Take time to journal your dream and see if it makes sense to you down the road.


One of the most important ways to pay attention to your dreams is to write your dreams down. Keep a dream journal and allow the spirit guides to guide you when you are writing. See if your dream has a purpose and notice if your dream helps you to grow.