Your Dreams are Important!


Dreams are a normal and healthy part of our psychology. We need to have the deep sleep that comes along with dreaming to keep us healthy. If we did not dream we would become nervous and irritable. Our emotional stability is insured by the release of vital chemicals that happen when we are deeply asleep.

Enjoy Dreaming

To better understand yourself and your feelings, pay a little more attention to your dreams.  They can be a great insight to what lies within you, they are also a great way to nourish your imagination.  Enjoy your dreams by recording them in a journal.  Have fun with them by writing or drawing about them. You may want to try lucid dreaming; a skill by which you can actually control your dreams.  Dreams can put you in a good mood for you whole day.

A Source of Knowledge

Dreams can be a source of valuable information. This is available to you if you take the time to decode them.  You can learn a lot about yourself by paying attention to your dreams.  Dreaming can be more honest than your waking consciousness because you are not directly in control of them.  It has been said that in our dreams we reveal our true feelings.

Multiple Levels of Meaning

Learning how your associations with symbols work will help you gain the ability to interpret or translate your dreams.  Dreams can have many layers of meaning within the same dream.  Illness or medication can influence your dreams.

Dream Dictionaries and Journals

You are the only one who can determine what your dreams. You can use a dream dictionary and a psychic who has experience with dream interpretation to help guide you to a better understanding.  Since you have the final say on understanding your dreams, take some time to record you dreams in a journal then consult your dream dictionary.  You can add your own interpretations as you get used to recognizing the signs and patterns in your dreams.

Understanding the Message

The most important thing you can gain from your dreams is a good nights sleep.  You may also get inspiration and knowledge about yourself and your life if you pay attentions to your own personal symbol and signs.

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