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The meaning of fourteen common dreams

The meaning of fourteen common dreams

Every person on the planet dreams from ninety minutes to two hours every night. Sometimes these dreams are very simple wish fulfillment; you will the lottery, an old friend visits, etc.  Many dreams aren’t as simple to define as that.  Dreams have left people so full of concern and consternation that dream research has expanded.

Dreams create images out of concepts created by emotions.  Some of these dreams and concepts are so connected that they can be identified as common in a dream database.

There is no absolute true meaning for any of the signs and symbols, but there is a generally accepted connected meaning.

  1. Being Chased

One of  the most common dreams is of being chased.  It is a vivid dream and it causes us anxiety as we remember the trapped feeling. The anxiety in the dream doesn’t usually come from the actually chasing, but rather what they are running from.  This dream may symbolize our inability to acknowledge something that requires attention.

  1. Water

Water is a common sight in our dreams. It is representative of what is in our emotions and in our minds.  The type of water can give us information on how well we are handling or lives.

  1. Vehicles

Anytime we are on a vehicle of any kind, best plane, train or automobile, the dream is usually indicative of the direction we think our life is taking.  The vehicle shows us we have power to make a transition.

  1. People

When you see others in your dreams, you are seeing a reflection of the different sides of yourself.   These people are representative of the characteristics that you want to examine . If you see people you know in the dreams they are directly related to an aspect of yourself.

  1. School or Classroom

A very common dream is set in a classroom or school. This is the setting for a dream where you are being on tested on something for which you are not prepared. This signifies an area of our past that we need to take another look at.

  1. Paralysis

The meaning of fourteen common dreamsMost people have moments of paralysis while they dream.  This temporary state keeps us from acting out the actions we are going through as we dream.   This  is why it is common for they paralyzed state to drift over into other parts of the dream.  When we dream that we can’t move it means that we feel as if we have no control over our lives.

  1. Death

Even though a dream about death may seem negative, it is actually linked to a big change for the dreamer. It is the end of one stage of life in order to make way for something new.

  1. Flying

When we see ourselves flying it is related to the kind of control we have in our lives. If we are sighing fly, we can be heading for something great. If we are low to the ground, we are feeling frustration.

  1. Falling

Dreams of falling are quite common.  Slow falling dreams mean peace and letting go. Falling uncontrollably is directly connected to feeling out of control.

  1. Nudity

Nudity is linked to a vulnerable feeling.  Our vulnerability is seen in dreams through nudity.  Whatever body part that is exposed can give you more information about exactly what you are feeling vulnerable about.

  1. Baby

If you dream about a baby, it is representative of newness. New growth, new development and new potential.

  1. Food

Dreaming of food is connected to energy and knowledge as well as nourishment.  Food can also symbolize being hungry in our souls as well as our bodies.

  1. House

A house in a dream is usually the mind of  the dreamer.  The different rooms are related to the different areas of their lives and levels of consciousness. A basement in a house is representative of things that the dreamer is not aware of or what has been neglected.

  1. Sex

One of the most commonly misinterpreted signs in dreams is sex. This dream can be purely an outlet for expression. It can also be indicative of connections to and with others.

While there are common themes in dreams, every sign means something different to each person. Only the dreamer can really understand what the symbols mean. And how they connect to their lives.

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