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The Meanings Behind Sex Preferences and Fantasies

The Meanings Behind Sex Preferences and Fantasies

You dreamed what?!

Maybe you dreamed that you had hot, steamy sex with a coworker. Or perhaps you caught yourself sexually fantasizing about a complete stranger. What do those things mean?

Or what does it mean if you prefer to get frisky in the morning? Or if you can’t keep your mind off your ex?

None of this means that you’re destined to be a homewrecker. But your sex-related thoughts and dreams are like a window on your sexual self. Here are some of the basics of Psych Between the Sheets 101.

What Sex Dreams Mean

Dreaming about having sex with an ex does not mean that you aren’t over him. His presence in your dreams may be taking the place of somebody else. You may have unresolved issues with somebody other than your old flame.

The core emotion to dreams about getting caught having sex, or performing sexual acts in a public place, is often anxiety. Dreams like this may represent fears of sexual intimacy, or discord in a non-sexual relationship.

When women dream about having sex with other women, they often fear that this is a sign of denied or repressed homosexuality. But the woman in such dreams is usually somebody perceived as an achiever of her personal goals. This dream is just evidence of the dreamer’s desire to reach an equal plane of success.

In dreams of sex with an acquaintance or coworker, the experience is often dull, because the dreamer generally isn’t attracted to this particular partner. Dreams like this indicate possible boredom with a current employment or life situation.

What Fantasy Partners Mean

If your fantasy partner is your husband or significant other, you may fear letting your guard down and running uninhibited and wild. Fantasizing about your mate can be invigorating, as long as you’re not limiting your daydreams and fantasies out of guilt.

Fantasizing about a former lover indicates that you’re sentimental and you’re not afraid to indulge a little. This does not mean that you would immediately hop in the sack with your ex if the opportunity presented itself. It just means that you relish and enjoy the good feelings associated with a fun sexual experience.

If your fantasy sexual partner is a celebrity, you’re the type of person who often wants things that you can’t have. Celebrities are unrealistic and ultimately unattainable, so the word “no” will never come up.

When your fantasy partner is a stranger, you have an active imagination, and you enjoy taking risks. You have a playful sense of humor, which frees you to indulge in your own private thrills that come from eyeing up your hot neighbor every so often.

Your Sex Schedule

Do you prefer sex at certain times of the day? Your preferences reveal some hidden details about your love life!

If you prefer sex first thing in the morning, you’re comfortable with yourself and unreserved. People generally feel most uninhibited after they’ve been having dreams all night.

If you’d rather have sex right before bedtime, you’re traditional and practical. Preferring sex before bedtime indicates you’re in a monogamous, committed relationship, and that you prefer a structure to your life.

If the middle of the day is your preferred frisky time, you’re adventurous and romantic. You like to break the rules, and tend to be spontaneous, free, and rebellious.

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