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The Mystery of Dreams

dreams 2Dreams are defined as a state wherein we are seeing images that are imaginary, these are our thoughts that one sees while we are asleep. However, one can’t stop from wondering where does dreams came from and what are they made from? Dreams are seemingly the most ephemeral of mysteries, but in fact they are no more mysterious than our spirit and soul, our thoughts and imagination. We cannot touch them, yet they can and do touch us deeply.

Linked to the psychology of man, dream interpretation related to the inner thoughts, deepest secrets and most passionate fantasies of human. They for part of the unconscious block.

During the R.E.M stage or the rapid eye movement, dreams take place. It is the activity of the brain that sends signal to the rapid movement of the eye. Some dreams occur not during the stage of R.E.M but these dreams are less memorable and less clear. Theta consciousness is what could best be described as a deep lucid meditation state of super awareness, and delta consciousness could best be described as out of body consciousness (the states of consciousness are Alpha – light meditation/daydreaming; Beta – normal conscious wakeful awareness;

It is the misconception of some that dreams predict the future. It does not. A renowned individual, Carl Jung said that dreams compensate the waking in mind with information that is unconscious, and hidden. The theory posits that dreams tend to balance the dreamer’s life by giving signs and information. The purpose of dreams is to bring forth the repressed or hidden desire and information it to reality. The unconscious dream in same manner compensates the conscious mind by metaphors. These are the language of dreams in symbols. Although through dreams, we gain insights, it does not predict the future.

dreams 1Dreams exist not just to convey one meaning, it can be meant more than one. This has something to do with the collection of unconscious and conscious thoughts of the dreamer. Dreams inform the dreamer of the condition. One common condition is the healing process. Thus it sets balance to the dreamer’s life. So when we understand the emotion that is driving the dream, the charge that it has over us is neutralized, and we are naturally healed, which is the intent and purpose of our souls journey through this life.

According to Sigmund Freud when he studied dreams, he named an area of our brains called the subconscious where the mind stores all of our memories and desires. He believes that dreams are the visuals of the subconscious. According to Fraud, every symbol in dreams originated from a thought or desire that buried in the subconscious mind.

dreams 3

At present, scientists continue to argue the issue of the meaning behind dreams. Some people find that their dreams are meaningful to them, some don’t. Sometimes we understand them and sometimes we don’t. They can be exciting yet fearful. They allow people to go different places and to see amazing things that never have been seen in real life.

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