The Places In Your Dreams

Places In Your Dreams

Think back on your most unforgettable dreams… Were you flying high and looking down, were the cities and countryside blurred beneath you? Were you set adrift in a boat on a stormy sea, or did you spend a wonderful afternoon in a meadow colored with a rainbow of wildflowers?

Whether you were in the middle of a nightmare or a fun adventure, the landscape of your dreams holds a deep significance to the meaning of your dreams.

The setting of your dreams are not only a backdrop to action of your dream, but it can also often be examined as a road map to your inner mind. Does your dream take place at a calm and peaceful beach where the tide quickly rises as a storm approaches or do you see yourself and a friend walking hand in hand through a neighborhood that you may recognize from your childhood?

When examining your dreams, it’s important to remember that places can be just as important as people, actions or objects within the dream. By working with a knowledgeable dream interpreter, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what the many landscapes and settings of your dreams may signify.

Common Dream Landscapes

  • Water Elements

The presence of water in your dream is a vital clue to uncovering your internal state of wellness. Tranquil pools of water suggest that you are at peace with yourself and your situation, while rough and turbulent water indicates that there is much emotion bubbling under your public persona.

In addition to the presence of water, other types of water elements give you important clues to your subconscious mind. Oceans can symbolize your search for internal truths, while a river represents your emotional journey and whether you are going with the flow or having trouble navigating your life’s journey.

  • Major Landforms

If you are scaling a mountain or have a mountain range figure prominently in your dream, it indicates an obstacle in your life. When you wake, think back to your dream to analyze what you did to overcome the mountain. Did you take a direct path, or did you have to get creative with finding an alternative path to the top? By taking time to recall your dream and examine how you dealt with the path set in front of you, you’ll be able to better understand what is required of you in your waking life.

  • Cityscapes

While we often think landscapes are meadows filled with wildflowers, shaded forests teaming with animals or a windswept desert where the sands reflect the orange glow of the setting sun, urban landscapes are just as revealing as the natural world. Cities and towns most commonly represent your interaction with others.

If you find yourself wandering in a large and unfamiliar city, it may show that you desire closer relationships to people around you. However, in whatever landscape you travel through, examine the roads that lead to your destination. Whether it’s a dirt path through a forest or a paved road riddled with potholes, the quality and condition of the road gives clues to the quality of your journey.

Dreams are messages from your subconscious that reflect your inner desires, fears and hopes for the future. By taking the time to recall your dreams and analyze their meaning, you’ll be in a better position to take effective action in your waking life.