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Unlock The Meaning Of Your Dreams

If you’re lucky enough, you might remember some of your dreams when you woke up because many dreams have applicable life meaning. Sure, maybe some people think dreams are just fantasy while we are sleeping and have no use in the real world, but plenty of dream experts and enthusiasts who have taken the time to study dreams assert that a good deal of our dreams have meanings that can benefit us in the real world. The only thing we have to do is be open to this and learn what some of the explanations are for common dreams.

Take a look at some of the following common dreams and interpretations. Maybe you’ve had similar dreams. If so, see if the explanations may fit your life. Of course, dream interpretations can vary from person to person, but generally some of the common dreams indicate similar explanations.  Let’s take a look:

  1. You can’t find or work your phone

Have you been in a dream and you can’t get your phone to work or you can’t even find your phone? Perhaps you’re trying to call or text your partner and you can’t seem to get the text to go through or the phone just isn’t working correctly. Or maybe you’re frantic trying to find it and can’t. These types of dreams can indicate that you’re not communicating to someone the way you’d like. Maybe you are stuffing your feelings or you’re feeling like they are not open to hear you.  Pay attention to how you’re communicating or if you’re not communicating and do what it takes to keep the lines open and honest.

  1. You’ve gone broke.

Have you dreamed that you lost all your money? Maybe you lost it in a bet, the stock market, or you checked your bank account and it was gone. Sometimes when we dream about losing our money, we feel as if we don’t have a purpose anymore or just aren’t clear what our passion and purpose is. Money in dream land sometimes signifies what is important to us in life. When we lose it, perhaps we’ve lost direction and need to take some time to re-discover our passion and purpose.

  1. You’re back in school or college.

Finding yourself walking the halls of your high school or in your dorm at college is a common dream. Sometimes you even dream that you’re failing a class or a test. This could indicate that there is an area of your life that you feel like you are failing. You’re not feeling up to par in something or maybe you’ve regressed lately.

  1. A loved one is sick or dying.

Dreaming about loved ones sick or dying can be traumatic. Keep in mind that dreaming about this does not mean that it will happen in real life. It can symbolize that you are going through a time where you feel that a part of your life is falling away. Maybe you are going through menopause and grieving the old. Maybe you are in a new relationship and you sort of miss the single life. Dreams like this rarely mean that someone close to you will get sick or die.

  1. Someone is chasing you.

Ever been running for your life in a dream?  People chasing us are common dreams and can signify that you’re feeling run down and stressed about something. You may feel you have too much on your plate and have taken on too much. It can be a reminder to slow down and relax some.

  1. Your teeth fall out or break.

It’s not pleasant to think of your teeth breaking or falling out. These types of dreams are common and can signify that you feel as if your life is not stable right now. It can also mean you feel like you’re regressing emotionally, as if you were an infant with no teeth. Pay attention to how you’re feeling about your stability in life right now.

  1. Flying and falling dreams

Don’t you love it when you get to fly in your dreams? It’s such a great feeling!  On the other hand, falling in a dream can be quite frightening. If you dream that you are flying, it can indicate that you are now taking time to really delve into the realm of your consciousness. You’re becoming more awake and perhaps making connection with the spirit world, including angels. If you’re falling in a dream, it could mean that you are falling deep into your subconscious mind or ego and processing your deep feelings or past experiences. Both types of dreams indicate a spiritual message for you.

  1. You’re nude.

If you’re dreaming that you are buck-naked in front of others, it could symbolize that you’re feeling vulnerable in an area of your life. Have you recently had a discussion with someone where you shared from a vulnerable place? Are you feeling as if others know about a particular problem you’re having?

These are some of the common dreams and their interpretations. It’s a great idea to write down your dreams upon awakening and pay attention to recurring themes. Dream interpretation can be a fun and rewarding process, so continue to educate yourself and feel free to read some books on the topic.  Your dreams just may be trying to tell you something.

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