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What Does Natural Disasters Mean in Your Dreams?

Have you ever had a dream about an earthquake, a tsunami or other natural disaster? What about a dream about not-so-natural disaster such as a plane crash? Many people who have experienced such dreams have wondered if that dream should be taken literally. Sometimes yes, but many times ‘no.’

Here is a list of the common natural disaster themes that may emerge in your dreams:


estimating-hurricane-wind-speed-with-gps_69442_600x450With wind gust of 75 mph or greater and torrential rains, a hurricane brewing in a dream may remark that events in your life are making your head swirl and dampening your mood. It is probably an emotional time with much upheaval. The circumstances precipitating a hurricane dream could be anything from a nasty argument with your mate that threatens the stability of your marriage to a calamity at work. Whatever it was, it was a messy situation that brought with it a great deal of debris to clean up. For those who live in regions where hurricanes are common, a dream of a hurricane usually represents the dreamer’s fears of another big one hitting close to home. And of course, in some instances, dreaming of a devastating hurricane could predict one on the horizon.


A dream in which a giant tornado destroys everything in its path is an awful nightmare. Winds of any kind in a dream represent change. The dream is likely a response or a forewarning of a big change, destroying your sense of security, plans, goals, and the hopes you had for the immediate future. Events such as losing your house to foreclosure, job loss or a forced relocation all are catastrophic changes that could elicit a tornado dream. But as with Dorothy inThe Wizard of Oz, the house swept up by the tornado transported her into a brand new and enlightening experience. Therefore, a tornado dream can mark the necessary dismemberment of the personality and shedding of one’s previous identity to accept a transcendent worldview.


downloadTsunami dreams are quite common and many dreamers report them as a reoccurring dream theme. The dreamer may be on the beach alone or with others when all of a sudden an approaching wave threatens to engulf them. The dreamer usually awakens before the tsunami hits shore or before carried out to sea. A tsunami dream usually represents a huge emotional issue coming to the forefront. Sometimes buried memories from childhood can emerge out of the subconscious suddenly and with them a great deal of grief. In this case, the emotional swell of the tsunami represents repressed feelings from the past. Whatever the emotional issue, it needs to be addressed and cleared before the tsunami dreams will cease.


Rising waters can be a response to an emotional overload. Your dream is telling you your emotional well-being is requiring attention. The location of the flood can be a key in interpreting the dream. A flood in the kitchen mentions your heart is welled-up with grief and sorrow. A flood in the bedroom points to emotional issues surrounding your romantic relationship and the expression of your sexuality. If the flood takes place in the living room, it could indicate emotional tensions are building with relatives or friends. Flooding in the bathroom suggests difficulties in releasing your sadness. And, finally, walking through floodwaters could represent that you are moving through your emotions by experiencing them fully.

download (1)Volcano Eruption

An erupting volcano can be a metaphor for someone who has lost his or her cool. Perhaps it’s you who is ready to erupt because of anger that you have been holding back for too long. Or it could be someone close to you that has let out some steam. Volcano eruption dreams, especially those in which the dreamer is walking over hot lava fields, can signify sexual arousal or coming in close contact with a partner’s sexual feelings. In this case, you are exploring the terrain of someone’s creative sexual nature.

Meteor, Comet and Asteroid

As a cosmological event, a dream of an asteroid, comet or meteor shower is a sign of a new era in the dreamer’s life. The dreamer is evolving in consciousness and the dream is heralding a time of deep soul transformation accompanied by life changing events.


As a major shake up, a dream of an earthquake mentions things are falling apart or are about to. Many times earthquake dreams of any magnitude are responses or forecasts of economic difficulties. It is a way of saying you are no longer on stable financial ground. A dream of an earthquake can also be a response or forecast of bad news such as, learning about a relative’s death. Or the dream may be forecasting world news. For instance, in August 2000 I had a dream in which I was in a tall building and the earth started to shake and the building began to sway. The dream was a clairvoyant forecast of a shockwave that would be felt around the world – the attack on the World Trade Center.

End of The World

images (5)Many things can be perceived as “the end of the world”: The loss of a friendship, the dissolution of a marriage, or some other heartbreaking situation that causes the dreamer to lose all hope. The subconscious emphasizes the impact on the dreamer’s attitude. “End of the world” dreams offer us images of destruction and liberation at the same time. Some dreamers have reported dreams in which God or an angel messenger announces the time has come – “It’s the end of the world.” They relay similar scenarios such as, a flash of light preceded by a moment of darkness or the sun or the moon being pulled from the sky followed by cataclysm. What do these dreams mean? We will have to wait and see.

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