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Dreaming about natural disasters

Dreaming about natural disasters in your dreams and their meaning

Have you ever had a dream about a natural disaster? What about dreaming about manmade disasters like plane crash? A lot of people have similar dream every day and they wake up and wonder if they should take it seriously, and if they need to have their dreams interpreted or it just could be their complex feelings and conflicts they go through in everyday life which emerge out of their subconscious.

If you have dreams about natural disasters, this is what it means:


Dreaming about hurricanes

Torrential rains along with strong wind may indicate that you have a lot of conflicts that storming your life’s stability. It could be a nasty argument you had with your partner which threatening your marriage. Or possibly, you face some difficulties at work that will eventually lead to losing your job.

But for those who are living in areas where hurricanes commonly happen, dreaming of a hurricane may indicate the dreamer fear of the next big coming hurricane hitting home. So, in some cases dreaming of hurricanes could be a normal prediction of one on the horizon.

Dreaming about tornadoes

If you dream that a giant tornado hit everything in its path, then probably a change would happen in your life. Because winds of any kind in a dream refer to major changes coming your way. Tornadoes in your dream could indicate changes in your goals and plans. They can be job changes, moving to a new location, or receiving a good news. If you are in a relationship, then there will be some changes that threaten your relationship.

Dreaming about Tsunami


This dream is very common and dreamers report it as a repetitive dream theme. sometimes, you dream that you are standing on the beach alone or with people, and then one big wave comes to hit the shore, and the dream usually end before that happens. A tsunami in your dreams means you are being overwhelmed by emotional issues rising up to the surface.

You also may have bad memories and emotions from your childhood which may emerge out of your subconscious.

Dreaming about flood:

Rising water indicates an emotional overload. Your dream is telling you to pay more attention to your emotions. Also, the location of the flood influences the dream’s meaning deeply. For example, if the flood takes place in the kitchen, this may indicates that your heart is full with sorrow and grief. Flood in the bed room refers to some emotional issues threaten your relationship or sexual relationship with your spouse.

If it happens in living room, then it could indicates that you have some rising tensions with your relatives and friends.

download (1)Dreaming about Volcano

A volcano symbolizes destruction, exploded sexual desire or anger. Perhaps your volcano is about to erupt because you have been hiding your feelings and pulling back your anger for a long time. Volcano can also signify sexual arousal and that you are to build a connection with someone who has outstanding sexual abilities.

Dreaming about Earthquake

Earthquakes suggests that you will experience a major “shake-up” threatening your stability and foundation. It highlights feeling of insecurity and fear. Sometimes, it indicates the financial difficulties and challenges you will face and to signify that you are no longer on a stable financial ground. It could also be a bad news such as someone’s death.

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Dreaming about end of the world

Dreaming that the world is coming to an end may represent dealing with a major transition or life changing event. it may indicates that you battle through the forces that are causing the life changing event – such as a nasty divorce or loss of a friendship.

Dreaming about Meteor, Comet and Asteroid

Dreaming about Meteor, Comet and Asteroid is a sign that you are about to enters a new stage in your life. It also represents a spiritual message from above that you are about to be enlightened with some knowledge. Or possibly, it signifies a brainstorming of ideas and thoughts

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