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What Dreaming About Your Crush Means

What Dreaming About Your Crush Means

Do you find that you are constantly dreaming about your crush and your dreams are so vivid that you just do not understand them? Maybe there is a guy or a girl that you have a crush on and when you sleep you dream of making love to them or kissing them.

Does the dream make you feel confused or turned on? If so, you need to know that you aren’t alone. People often have dreams for those that they desire.

Dreams about your crush will happen and you can have these dreams so that you can understand what is going on in your mind and your body.

Some crush dreams can be put into two categories:

  • Dreams about people we know, and we have a crush on.
  • Dreams about people that we are attracted to but that we don’t really know.

Understanding your dream is part of the spiritual world and when you have these dreams, you might want to know what they mean.

Dreams About a Crush

Dreams happen for a reason but sometimes the reason is not what you think. Some dreams are there so that you can relieve your subconscious mind and others are just there because you saw someone, or you thought of them.

Dreams about crushes can be a dream because you want to communicate with this person and tell them how you are feeling but you are afraid.

The idea of a dream is that it can happen in any time and any space.  The dreams that you have are there to teach you something or maybe even to give you some kind of lesson.

Meaning of Crush Dreams

If you have had dreams about your crush and you wonder why, here are some things that might be causing your dreams:

  • A desire to be with them physically.
  • A desire to have them part of your emotional life.
  • A desire to have them physically and emotionally.

Even if you have never really met this person or if you are dreaming about a celebrity, this can also fall into that category. When you dream about someone that you know, it is important that you are paying attention to the symbols around you when you are dreaming.

The symbols can help you to understand the meaning of your dreams. The symbols are connected to what you are feeling and can help you to understand what emotions you have behind your dreams.

Kissing Your Crush

If you dream of kissing your crush, is it a peck or a passionate kiss? The kiss can mean that you want to share more of a life with this person or that you want to be intimate with them.

When you dream of kissing someone that you have just seen in an environment and you don’t really know them, chances are that you want to have an intimate connection with them.

People will often have dreams of kissing their crush and sometimes they don’t understand them. This can have them feeling bad about their dream but if you focus on what your dream means, you can find out more.

Crush Kissing You

If your crush is the one that kissed, you in the dream it can mean that they are attracted to you and you are picking up on those vibrations.

This dream does not just happen accidently, but it is a universal dream that is there because of a thought or an interaction with that person.

You Are kissing Your Crush

The kiss that happened, if you initiated it, this could mean that you are worried about being rejected and that you are trying to find out if they would like you or not.

Sex with Crush

Dreaming of having sex with your crush can be special to you because some dreams are about your own pleasure or about pleasing someone else.

If you dream that you touched your crush and they wanted you to, this could mean that you want to make them happy. But, if they did something to you that pleased you, chances are that you have something missing in your life that you are trying to fill.

Kissing and Sex

If you dream of having sex and kissing your crush, you might have things in your life that are missing. Chances are that you are passionate about something in your life and that you are finding it to be missing.

Crush’s Face

Does your dream just have an image of your crush or do you see them far off? Do you get a chance to make eye contact or do they see you form a distance?

If you see your crush’s face, chances are that you like them and you are having romantic feelings about them. This can be a symbol of you and the idea that you want to be in a relationship with this person.

If you think about your dream, then you will see if it makes you feel happy or what emotions it evokes. Faces in a dream are sometimes a mirror of your own self.

Spiritual Meaning

Some people think that having a dream about their crush is a spiritual meaning. This means that you are getting messages from the spirit world.

This can be a karmic reaction to something in your life or a sign from the universe that you should take a chance and hit on your crush.

This doesn’t mean that you should take the chance right away but that you need to take time to make sure that you are focused on what you need in your life.

Some believe that when you dream of a crush that it is a spiritual dream meaning that you are needing something that is missing out of your life. This can be karmic messages that are coming to you.

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