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Bad Wish Theory

What is the Bad Wish Theory and Why Know It?

Most people have heard the phrase “be careful what you wish for” and witches know that there is more to this than just a saying. When someone makes a wish, this is a way that they are using magic, but this doesn’t mean that it will get the result that they hope so. There are many forms of wishing that have been put into the universe and they are different depending on what culture you are from.

Magical thinking is not something that is often looked at as magic, but this was once a way that people would interact with the world. This was a way to send out magic and it was a way to get a solution that was needed to be solved. Magic is something that should be respected and should be looked at as something that can be good or harmful.

Once you understand magic, you learn to figure out the magical forces around you and the natural forces that decide what is going on in your life. Once you are able to get rid of problems and you are able to make magic to change the nature around you, you can learn to understand how respectful you need to treat it.

Not Being Specific

People often wonder about folklore and about superstitions and wonder if they are even real. The truth is these things were often built around the idea of magic and they were there to teach you a lesson of truth. This was to show you about the world that you lived in and how it applies to your life.

When you aren’t being specific about your magic, it can cause you a lot of harm. If you do a weight loss spell, for example but you aren’t specific about how you want to lose the weight, chances are that something bad can happen such as stomach flu or food poisoning to cause you to lose weight but not in the way that you hoped. This is something that can help you to reach your goals, but it is not the way that you would want to achieve these exact results.

Doing a money spell is the same thing. If you want to bring money into your life, you need to make sure that you are going to be specific. Manifesting money can mean that everywhere you go you find pennies on the ground, but it will take forever to get where you need to in order to make your finances strong. This kind of money will never make the difference that you need but you weren’t specific, and this is what you get.

Casting vague spells can cause you to have results that you don’t want. Remember that spells will go where there is the least resistance and when you do not set boundaries, it will find the way that is the easiest to make happen. This can mean that you will get what you want but that the solution will be slow and will not be what you were hoping for. When you are casting a spell, you need to make sure that you are being specific.

You don’t want to have something harmful happen to someone such as if you don’t want someone in your life and they end up killed or you want to spend time with your partner, and they end up home for weeks with some kind of injury. Spells are things that work, and you need to make sure that the outcomes are what you are really wanting.

Pros and Cons of Being Specific

In all things you will not want to have to be specific. A spell will most likely not harm someone but if you are not specific when you do magic then it can stop you from getting the magic to work. This is why you cannot always look at folklore and believe it to be true. Sometimes folklore is there to give you warnings and to make you think about how dangerous something can be. How can you find out a good wish from a bad wish and how do you say things that you want without causing other people harm?

When you are casting things, such as love spells, you might not want to be specific because this could hurt someone. You never want to do a spell that makes someone fall in love if they don’t want to. This kind of spell can backfire on you. When someone wants to be in a relationship, they need to do it right or it can lead to something that is very hurtful and unhealthy. This kind of spell will have things happen that you will not want to happen.

You don’t want to be specific when you do a love spell, or it can cause them to lose their free will. A relationship will be much happier if the relationship comes from someone that is willing and wanting to be in a relationship. This can cause a trap and when someone is in a relationship with someone that they don’t really love, it will lead to things that are not deserving. You might get a relationship with someone that you want but that doesn’t mean that you get the relationship that is best for you.

This kind of specificity can cause a person to lose their free will. It is best to make sure that you do love spells that are more open. Do not cast a love spell on someone that wants to get back with an ex or is looking to make a specific person love them. You need to make sure that you are not being specific, and this can change things and make things actually work out well.

Never be too specific when you have a great need. You don’t want to make a spell work to do a specific job when you are needing money. You are better to do a generic job spell so that you can get work fast and so that you can meet your financial needs right away. Focus more on a less specific spell in this circumstance.

Being Too Specific but Not Enough

How do you know when to be specific or when to not be so specific? There are things that you need to do to judge how you are going to handle a certain situation.

Does it Take Away Free Will?

The first thing that you have to ask yourself is if the spell you are doing is trying to take away the free will of someone. If it does, then this is something that you should not be casting. But sometimes you will have to override someone’s free will in order to make the outcome work for you such as when you need to have a certain job and you have to override the interviewers free will to hire someone else. That doesn’t make harm to someone, and it is up to how comfortable or okay you are with this kind of spell.

Sometimes taking away someone’s free will is going to end up as a disaster. Just like love spells, if you are trying to force someone into a relationship then you will see that this will not end well, and it will cause you to face consequences. This will be a relationship that you never imagined it to be, and it will be full of negativity such as anger, hate and resentment. This can cause a magical trap that can eventually make the relationship end anyways in a very bad way.

Energy of the Spell

You need to look at the spell and find out how much energy this will take for you to make the spell work the way that you want it to. When the spell is not as specific, it will take less energy to make it happen. Magic will always go the way that there is the smallest amount of resistance and when you can get the desires of your spell to work without there being any problems then it will make your magic easier for you. If there is a way to solve the problem easily then you will not have to use so much effort to make the magic work.

Magic is not always going to be something easy and sometimes when you do magic it is going to have to have a lot of energy to make it work. You might need to have a lot of energy to get the result that you need, and this often happens when you do specific spells. It can be necessary sometimes for you to have to do this and these kinds of spells just use a lot more energy and you have to figure out a way to get that energy so that you can make the spell work.

If there is any way that you can make a spell that is not as specific and still get the results that you want, it will be way easier to make your spell work. If you are not able to do that, use a specific spell and find a way to get the power that you need to make the spell work for you.

Is it Dangerous?

Find out if the spell that you are doing can be dangerous or can cause you or someone else harm. Is the intention that you are setting for this spell one that will have a good effect or one that can go wrong? Think of the things that could go wrong on the spell and see if it is going to be worth doing. Remember that the magic will use the path that has the least resistance in it and that path might not be a good path. Your spell will most likely not go out of the way to make bad things happen but if you think that the spell could do this then you might want to change the idea of the spell or not do it at all.

Can This Cause me to Get Something I don’t Want?

Another way that you can look at your spell is to find out if you are not specific if you can still get what you want. You might do a spell and get something totally different than what you wanted. Maybe you are doing a money spell and instead of being specific about how much money you need; you just ask for more money and you might get money that is only a little here or a little there. This is not an outcome that is dangerous, per say, but it is something that will never get you the amount of money that you need. If you think that your spell is too generic to get what you want, then you need to be more specific.

Remember that you don’t have to look at every detail of your spell with a fine-toothed comb and that you can find different ways to get your spell to work. Look at the things that you are using and who is involved in your spell casting. Find out what kind of processes you are going to do and see if you need to be more specific or if you can be less specific and have little or no concerns. You can probably find spells that you can use that are not very specific that will work perfectly for you.

As you learn more about your practice, you will see that it will be easier for you to do spells that take less time and effort. You will learn how magic responds to you and how specific or not so specific that you need to be to get what you are trying to get. You will see what kind of magic takes less energy and less thought.

You don’t have to think about every detail of your magic because just because you do a spell with or without specifics doesn’t likely mean that you are going to have a problem or a disaster. Most of the time you will have a spell that works out for you regardless of what you do. The path that has the least resistance is not always going to hurt you and it can just be a process that is boring.

Remember to have peace when you do your spells and make sure that you use knowledge anytime that you are going to do magic. Magic is part of your life, and you need to have knowledge so that you can have power.

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