When You Have a Running Dream

Running Dream

Have you ever had a dream where you are running or you are running away and no matter how hard you try, you seem to get nowhere. The kind of dream where your muscles aren’t responding and you feel like even gravity is against you?

This is called a Herculean struggle. This can be a type of dream that can make you even feel sore. Sometimes the dream will come and go and sometimes you might even dream that you are in a race.

What Does This Dream Mean?

There are different dream sites that can help to interpret your dream and one site says that when you are dreaming in slow motion then you might be going through something hard. This can mean that things in your life make you feel that you have no power.

This kind of dream can make you feel like you are moving everywhere but getting nowhere and that you might in real life have no self-esteem or confidence. You might be in a state where you are not able to move in your sleep.

When this kind of dream happens, it can leave you feeling tired and wore out. You might feel like you have run an actual marathon. But these kinds of dreams do have meanings and if you want to find the meaning to a dream, keep looking until you find it.


We get the most out of our dreams when we go into REM sleep. These are the times where your body is mostly relaxed and your brain is sometimes working overtime. The dreams that you have can make your mind more awake but make your body feel more tired.

Some people become paralyzed in this stage, and it is a time where your dreams can be in control of who you are and what you are doing. When this happens, relax and find out what you are feeling.

Before Sleep

Did you go to bed stressed or full of anxiety? You might realize that when you go to bed in this kind of state that your mind and body are working together to try and figure out what you are going through. This is a time where you might feel sleepy throughout the day because your body is constantly in motion in your dreams.

Before you go to sleep, see what you can do to try and relax your mind and your body. Try to do some exercises and move around before you go to sleep and always make sure that you turn your phone off at least an hour before you sleep so that you can get a good night’s rest.

Remember that dreams are important and when you wake up make sure that you write down in your dream journal your dream so that you can interpret it later.