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Why Should We Interpret Our Dreams

Do you know that the average person spends about six years of their lifetime dreaming? Dreaming is a very complicated process. We need to interpret our dreams in order to reveal our unconscious wishes and to satisfy those desires that we can’t while being awake.

Dreams can be messages from beyond

Dreams reveal our spiritual potential. We express our imagination through dreaming, Dreams act as a bridge between the worlds of matter and spirit. Exploring our dream images help us access that world beyond our minds, and discover more about our true nature.

Unconscious is revealed in our dreams

We tap into Unconscious in our dreams. Dreams reflect the dreamer’s inner status and reveal what they need to gain balance. For example, if you hate your boss at work, you may dream of chasing and hitting him or her just to achieve balance.

Learning new skills

Your mind is practicing during your sleep. If you are working to gain new skills in your awake life, your mind will practice to improve that skill while you are dreaming. You also see nightmares, because your brain is preparing you for the worst in the future! If you see yourself losing your job, or jumping from a high building in your dream, don’t panic, your dream prepare your brain for the worst scenarios.

interpret our dreamsArchiving memories

Your brain is using dreaming technique as a way to organize and archive your memories in your head. You might dream of your ex while starting a new relationship because your brain is telling you that your past relationships have already been archived as a memory and it’s now easy to recall it.


Dreams can provide us with an answer to the biggest questions in our life: What makes our life meaningful? How to live fully? We find answers to similar questions in our dreams.

Inner transformation and healing

Our dreams heal us both physically and emotionally to start fresh For example, someone was suffering from a severe eye’s infection and at this time, he dream that he was standing alone in the darkness and someone Was approaching from bright light and said: I heard that you haven’t been feeling well and touched him then, he woke up next morning feeling much better.

Dreams are not random

We never dream randomly! All of our dreams are for a purpose. We see symbols in our dreams as a way to deliver us a message from God. For example, dreaming of water, food, money, babies and other symbols. Each symbol has a meaning and a message. You may need a dream analysis psychic to help you interpret your dreams.

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