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There comes a time in our lives where we may feel the need of guidance, healing or an array of many other things. While reaching out to  someone, either relative or friend or a Psychic, our sessions end and we continue on alone to live our lives. Sometimes we yearn to feel the guidance, healing and love from our sessions with readers and healers, even after the session. This is where spirit guides, guardians, angels and Archangels enter into the solution to this part of the equation.

In this article I am going to touch base on 15 main Archangels. Including their names, what they teach, their characteristics and specialties they are each closely in tune with. There are multiple beliefs and teachings regarding the knowledge of Archangels.

What are Archangels?

Think of Archangels as the Managers of our spirit guides, guardians and the other angels. It’s important to be mindful of this when calling upon them, requesting to connect for help and assistance from them. As they are for the tougher times, they do not come for simple desires of the ego, but rather they answer the calls that are truly come from the soul and sacred heart.

When needing to connect with one of the Archangels; the focused projection meditation method needs to be done. To do this; you must first empty the mind of other thoughts from the day, situation or circumstance. Let’s take a simple approach to how to do this since we want to get to the heart of the matter.

Establishing The Connection

Bring yourself to a comfortable sitting position, quietly begin to focus on inhaling through the nose as deep into your lungs as you can comfortably do. You will exhale through the nose. When you exhale, think of every distracting thought, issue or thing that is on your mind. Put the thoughts into the breath and exhale them with some force through the nostrils. Repeat this exactly six times.

Now relax to normal breathing, drawing your mental focus to your heart and the Archangel you wish to connect with. Projecting from your heart, repeat the Archangels name three times and begin to communicate your needs, situation or circumstance. Ask for their guidance, help, protection and/or blessings. There are various reasons why one may seek an Archangel and each Archangel has specific characteristics and specialties they are closely in tune with.

Below is a brief description of 15 Archangels, the names they are most commonly called and some characteristics they are known to possess.


Ariel: Heals, helps wildlife and the environment.

Azreal: Heals grief and nurtures the bereaved.

Chamuel: Heals anxiety, assists in word and personal peace.. Helps find objects, people and situations that have become lost in one way or another.

Gabriel: Assists and helps with matters of fertility-conception, pregnancy and childbirth. Eases anxieties related to creative projects. Especially strong assisting parents and writers.

Haniel: Helps with clairvoyance and healing female cycles.

Jeremiel: Helps us to forgive, plan for positive changes, assists in healing emotions and see where in our lives these things need to be done.

Jophiel: Helps dissolve negativity, ease chaos in our lives; bringing organization to our thoughts, offices, homes and surroundings.

Metatron: Helps heal learning disorders, childhood burdens and is the said Guardian of the Indigo children.

Michael: He is said to be the leader of all the Archangels and is to be called on for the hardest times. He sheds away fears, doubts, negativity and is our strongest protector.

Raguel: Healer of misunderstandings and brings peace, harmony to every relationship.

Raphael: Heals physical illness, disease in humans and animals. Guides healers and those capable of healing therapies.

Raziel: Clears spiritual and psychic blocks, assists in dream interpretation and past life recollection.

Sandalphon: Helps control aggressive behavior and assists musicians with music used for healing purposes.

Uriel: Healer of resentments, forgiveness and assists in the manifestation of new ideas.

Zadkiel: Healer of memory and mental dysfunctions.

Now that you know the Archangels, it also serves as a gentle reminder that we are never truly alone. Whether you are connecting with someone in your life for advice (especially with a Psychic) you can feel a sense of comfort knowing that you are always able to connect in some way, to something that will comfort, protect and guide you along your journey in life. When you feel the need, reach out, call, and connect… you don’t have to suffer alone.  Whether you see it or not, we are not alone in those darkest hours and we don’t have to feel like or believe that we are. As we are kind to others, we must also be kind to ourselves.

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