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Dream Interpretation Basics

Dream Interpretation Basics

Dream interpretation is often overlooked in mysticism. We know little about dreams and while the mind is often called humanity’s unexplored frontier, dreams are the gateway to exploring this aspect. Determining the meaning of a dream can be tricky. It is a truly abstract and ambiguous process that has little confirmation or denial as far as feedback. The meaning of a dram often depends on the dreamer as each dream is a personal message from the universe.

Freud’s Theory

The majority of modern dream interpretation is based on Sigmund Freud who theorized that the day’s events that preceded a dream were vital to what would be created in a dream. Freud said that dreams were made of day residue, traces of memories, and psychic systems that had been committed to the brain during a waking state. The day’s residue was then used to form material that the dream could draw on and utilize. Freud thought that dreams were also the fulfillment of repressed desires, most of which we are probably not even aware of in our waking state. He suggested that all we experience in the dream uses the day’s residue to show us out innate emotions and needs that are typically buried deep inside.

What We Know

It is not always possible to explain a dream because we often lack the skill or comprehension to translate what has been experienced. At times, the actual dream is not really trying to communicate anything, but at this time we do know a few things. These are shared below:

  • Dreams are not literal as they tend to be symbolic and require translation
  • Dreams are not prophetic, but can tell you about yourself and your current situations
  • Dreams have access to all information about you at all points, even the stuff the conscious cannot access
  • Dream symbols are tailored to each person so symbols can mean different things to different people
  • Dreams will often use word play which is consistent with other forms of spiritual communication.

Even when a dream is not trying to tell us something specific, we can still learn and gain insight into ourselves. Psychologists claim that examining approximately 100 dreams of any individual will provide an accurate psychological profile.

As with other forms of psychic readings, there is much disagreement about dream interpretations. The truth is there is no one correct answer, everyone will have a different opinion. However, there are some constants across the board. These are common symbols that occur within dreams and have been agreed upon to hold significant meaning through consensus or psychological assessment. Though these are widely available in books and online, a few of the basics are shared below for beginners.

  • Falling – This common dream trope has been experienced by almost all people at some point. Experts agree that falling indicates a loss of control or support during your waking state. It could mean you are facing a struggle and feel that you cannot handle the task.
  • Failure – Most people dream of failure at some point, but the way this happens is open ended. Common dreams may include failing a test, losing a race, or bombing an assessment. Dreaming of failure tends to dignify low self-esteem and a fear of inadequacy. Someone who often dreams of failure may not be applying themselves or feel burdened to succeed.
  • Unpreparedness – This is the most common dream, at least according to the media. The classic scenario is that a student has arrived for a test, but is completely unprepared. In addition, many times in the dream the person is in their underwear only. When unprepared in a dream, this represents a sense of anxiousness and lacking confidence in your waking life. The dreamer may feel unable to meet the expectations placed on them.

Dream interpretation is far from an exact science. Dreams can sometimes be taken literally or totally dismissed. There is little consensus between those that do try to interpret dreams, but it can still be interesting and help you learn about yourself.

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