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Dreaming about past lives

Dreaming about our past lives is a very common thing, but often we do not realize that we have dreamt about past lives. There are differences between past lives dreams and dreams of this life. But, you need to know how to differentiate between the two, which ones are the dreams of past lives and which one belongs to your current life.

Memories are a major part of your life. They come in any way. Mostly you are remembering these memories while you are awake. But, you can also witness them in your sleep; in the form of dreams. Having unbelievable dreams are usually related to your past lives.

Remembering past lives in your dreams is a very common way of acknowledging the fact that you had past lives. Your subconscious mind helps you remember the experiences you had in your past life when you are sleeping, to guide you mostly. It acts as a good guidance for the current life, as the experiences help you learn your lessons and not repeat the same mistakes.

Your subconscious mind is the one that is connected with the spiritual realm. Thus, while asleep, your conscious or busy mind takes a break, and the subconscious mind takes control. If you ever go to sleep in a bad mood and wake up feeling good, it is due to the subconscious mind which gave you a break from the everyday tensions.

Here are major signs that will help you differentiate between your current life dreams and the dreams of past lives.

Historical Details

When you see regular dreams about the current life, you will see people, things, and places that are familiar to you. But, dreams of past lives will involve a completely different era. Historical details or period clothing. In fact, it’s entirely possible that you’ll dream of significant events in history. The details will be clear and you will have the sensation of having been there before.

You Don’t Look Like ourselves

Have you ever had a dream where you were seeing through the eyes of someone else? A dream where you were a completely different person? This is a common sign of a karmic dream.

In a past life dream, you may be a different gender, and belong to a different religion, etc.

If you wake up saying, “I didn’t look anything like myself, but I knew it was me,”, hence you are seeing the dream from someone else’s eye.

Additionally, in karmic dreams, the way you behave, and act is very unusual. It’s almost like you can’t recognize yourself as who you really are. Also, you may be able to do things that you can’t do in your current life including your thoughts and skills. You also might be able to speak or understand another language, or you might have the knowledge of a farmer, or the skills of a soldier.

Past lives dreams are repetitive and unchanged

Regular dreams have a fast pace and jump  from one scene to another, and when you are remembering or telling them to others, it can seem a bit random.  This happens because the majority of people aren’t deeply connected with their higher selves through the sub-conscious, that’s why our regular dreams are full of chaos and inconsistencies.

In karmic dreams, we are not able to change the sequences of events. You don’t jump from scene to another. This is because your sub-conscious doesn’t create this dream, the source is higher, and it feels as if nothing is in your control. It already happened in the past and nothing you can do to change it. So, when the past lives dreams recur, they never change.  You see the same sequence of events each time with little or no change and no ability to influence the dream.

Your strange behaviors make sense

We all believe in certain odd quirks and beliefs that do not make sense, and we all have some actions that don’t seem to match anything else about us. These can be explained by the events that have taken place in our past lives. Thus, in our past lives dreams, we seem to be acting in strange ways and believing in the superstitious things.

Emotional and physical conditions can be explained by past lives dreams

If you tend to have arthritis in one elbow but not the other, a past life dream could reveal an injury or violence that happened on that side of the body in your past life.

You may even have a dream about being wounded, injured, or affected in some way. This indicates tapping into a past life experience which is also tied to your present.

Past lives dreams resolve our spiritual issues

Many people have a growing sense that “something is missing” from their lives.  They feel confused about why they can’t be happy like everyone else. If this sounds like you, a past life can explain why this depression, and dissatisfaction are a part of your life. This may be unhealed issues, and dreaming about a past life is often the key to this understanding.

You will feel different when you wake up

After having a karmic dream, when you wake up, you will feel a different kind of energy which will indicate that you had incredibly different kind of dream. Your whole body will indicate the fact that the dream was irregular, and something feels different.

Past life dreams reveal a lot of information, it’s important to dig deeper into them to understand life events that do not make sense and actions that do not fit with our personalities.

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