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Dreaming About Someone You Have Never Met

Dreaming About Someone You Have Never Met and What it Means

Dreams can be strange. Sometimes you will have great dreams and sometimes you will have nightmares. You might have dreams where someone is chasing you or where you are chasing them. Trying to understand your dreams can be hard and even though dreams can come from your subconscious mind, you might not always know why.

When you have strange dreams, you might want to know why you are dreaming the way that you are. People often question their dreams and what is going on with them. When they are attacked in the dream, they might wonder what it means but they also wonder what it means when they meet a stranger that is tall, dark, and handsome.

Finding Mr. Right

One of the biggest reasons why you don’t know who Mr. Right is in your dreams is because you don’t know who you want to date in real life. You might want to be with someone and have them in your mind but if you don’t have a man by your side, your subconscious might be making you dream about him.

Maybe you are dreaming about a stranger that might come along and become your real Mr. Right.

Wanting Something

Some women will dream about a man in their dream that they don’t know because they want to be in a different relationship than they are. Even though they are loyal, the stranger represents what is going on in the relationship they are in now. If you have been dating that person for a long time and you feel that you need something to be better, that might be the cause of your dream.

Sometimes your mind will try to tell you something is missing in your life. Maybe you cannot get your partner to pay attention to you and you feel that you need something else. This might mean that you are upset or angry about your relationship and so you are dreaming about the stranger.

When you are mad at your partner, chances are that you can dream about a stranger in your dreams. Your mind is looking for someone to help you not to be stressed and is trying to give you peace while you sleep.

Soulmate Dreams

People wonder if they are dreaming of their soulmate when they have stranger dreams, but this is just a myth. People sometimes believe that they will meet the person of their dreams, but this is unlikely true. There is little chances that this is your soulmate or that the person even really exists.

You may run into the person that you have dreamed of but not because you can tell the future. This can happen because you have found a memory of that person in your mind. Even if you don’t remember seeing him, chances are that you ran into him at the mall or on the street and you just don’t know him. Your mind will recall things like this.

There is a good chances that the person that you dreamed of is real and that you will see him sometimes in your life, but it is probably not someone that you are going to date.  Remember that your soulmate is someone that will come up but not likely in your dreams.

If you still wonder why you dreamed about this person that you have never met, think about your dream, and try to figure out what happened in your life that might have caused you to remember or think of this person. Do you have things in your life that you want to change? Look at your dream and see what is happening in your life that might have triggered this kind of stranger dream.

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