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Dreaming of Animals

Dreaming of Animals and What it Means

Do you have animal dreams where a bear runs up beside of you or a snake slithers by your feet? If you are curious about what it means to dream about animals, know that they can be a symbol of your past, present and future.

When you wake up from a dream and you remember that there were animals in your dream, you need to recognize what the animal means and if it means something good happening to you or if it means that you might be in danger. This can mean you are going to be pregnant, or you are going to find out something truthful.


Dreaming about a squirrel can mean that you are ready for whatever the future gives you. Maybe you have not been doing what you need to do and now you are ready to prepare for the future. Look at the squirrel and see what you need to do to make things good.


Bear dreams while you are sleeping can mean that you are protective, and you are motherly. It can mean that you need to do things such as hug your loved ones and find people to fill you with joy.


A wolf dream can mean that you are looking at someone in your life that might have behavior that is harmful to you. You might need to look at your group and learn to work together and do teamwork with them.


Dreaming of a turtle can mean that you are feeling secure and safe. It can also mean that you are not doing things that will be good for you and you need to get out of your shell. It can mean you need to work towards reaching your goals.


Spider dreams can mean that you are being dishonest or someone that you know is manipulating you. It can mean that someone is stopping you from growing.


A frog, tadpole or even a toad can mean that you are getting ready to be reborn. It can mean you are growing, and you are flexible in your life. It can also mean that you need to prepare for change and change your mindset.


A snake dream can be one that means that you are speaking poorly about someone in your life. If a snake is after you in your dream, it can mean you are being vulnerable in your spiritual walk.


Dreaming of a bird or an egg can mean that you are feeling free. If you are listening to the birds chirp, then it means you appreciate music in your life.


If you dream of bugs or insects, it can mean that someone is bugging you or creeping you out. It can also mean a bug is coming after you such as the flu bug or some kind of sickness.


A fish dream can mean that you are pregnant. It can also mean that you are around someone that is not acting normal or is being fishy.


When you dream, find out what your animal dream means. Don’t sit around waiting but find out for yourself and see if your dream is revealing something to you that can change your life or the lives of those that are by you.

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