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Dreams of Losing Your Teeth

Dreams of Losing Your Teeth

One of the most common dreams is losing your teeth.  It generally symbolizes anxiety.  It usually appears when you are in a state of transition and means that you are concerned about situations in your conscious life. This type of dream is so universal can be seen as far back as the second century.  The ancient Greeks saw this dream as a symbol of loss or death.  The Chinese thought that this dream is a symbol of lying or other kind of deceit.

The most common symbols connected to loss of teeth in dreams:


As you grow older, you many begin to fear the changes that you will undergo. Your dreams will bring this to the forefront as a tooth loss.

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If you are uncomfortable with your self-image and are concerned with how you are perceived by others, you many dream of losing your teeth.


As we go through life, we undergo many changes. Some of the changes are major, such as menopause or other significant physical change.  The dream of losing your teeth can be a manifestation of a fear of change.

If you are still concerned with the dream of losing your teeth, consult a dream dictionary.

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