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What Do Dreams About Teeth Falling Out Mean?

images (26)Losing teeth in a dream is a common symbol representing anxiety. It tends to come up during times of transition and often points to concerns experienced by the dreamer in waking life. The scenario of losing teeth is one of the most common in the field of dream interpretation. Written examples of such dreams are said to be traced since the second century. In Greek culture, this type of dream is interpreted as an omen of loss or death. For the Chinese, it means that the dreamer is lying or being deceitful.

Below are the Most Common Themes Associated with Dreams of Teeth Loss or Rotting Teeth.

images (27)Loss

Your subconscious can sometimes tap into your memory of losing your teeth as a child and associate it with losing a part of yourself. Therefore, losing teeth in a dream is common to those with a fear of growing old. It’s also possible for these people to see false teeth in their dream.


Losing teeth in a dream may indicate concerns regarding self-image or how you are being perceived by others. The anxiety you feel when losing your teeth coincides with feelings of insufficiency. For some people, dreams like these usually occur after a situation wherein they were not taken seriously or ridiculed.


images (25)The horror you feel when losing your teeth in a dream may represent the unpleasant feelings you have toward change. It’s no surprise, therefore, that this type of dream is experienced by many undergoing puberty or menopause.

If you want more information regarding a recurring dream, you can check out a Dream Dictionary to familiarize yourself with commonly used terms in the discussion of dream meaning.

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