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Getting to Know Your Guardian Angel

Getting to Know Your Guardian Angel

Everyone has angels around them. The exact number is undefined and it is almost certain there are more around some people than others, as some people are a lot more work to guide and protect!

However, every person born has at least one guardian angel that stays with them throughout their life. Your guardian angel’s job is to lead you along your path and protect you when necessary.

While your guardian angel will always do the work set for them, there are are some things they can’t do without your permission. They can’t always guide you if you aren’t listening. They can’t make opportunities for you if you don’t ask them to do so. Sometimes, they can’t even protect you if you don’t allow them to do it or if you constantly put yourself at risk.

How to Keep Your Angel Working

There were a host of angels were created to serve us. They love you and want to be there for you, but must operate within the spiritual laws of God. They can’t deter from that. That means you must also operate within those laws so they can serve you.

Knowing Your Angel’s Name

All angels have names. We know of the Archangel Michael and Gabrial. You’ve likely heard of Raphael. Those are just a few of the seven or so mentioned in the Bible. However, every angel has a name and that includes your guardian angel!

It isn’t that hard to find out the name of your guardian angel and it could prove to be helpful. After all, if you want to ask something of your angel, it would be easier if you knew their name, right?

To find out the name of your guardian angel, find a quiet place to meditate. Get in a comfortable position with no distractions. Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths. Then, just ask. Wait on an answer. The first name you think of is likely the name of your angel. You can ask for confirmation with signs in your life throughout the week. Look for that name, or parts of it, to show up on street signs, in books, in ads, and other common ways.

Creating a Relationship with Your Angel

Angels are intelligent beings so they are capable and willing to have a relationship with you. You should develop a connection with your guardian angel so that you feel comfortable asking for help when you need it.

Angels work on a higher vibration than humans. They have to work to lower their frequency for us to communicate them. You can help by increasing your vibrational frequency to hear them.

You can do that by becoming more attuned to spiritual things. This happens with prayer and meditation, fasting, and a renewed awareness of things around you. Showing the intention of connecting with your angel will also build a stronger bond between you.

It is like developing a friendship. You talk to them, share your thoughts and feelings, ask them for guidance or protection, and recognize they are in your life. After a while, you’ll know instinctively when they are around. You’ll be able to recognize their work in your life too.

Offending Your Angel

There are times when needs aren’t met because we have offended our angels. It’s not that they don’t want to help us. It’s that they can’t help us because God’s spiritual laws forbid them to do so.

An offense can come in several ways. It can be that you start worshipping your angel instead of God. Remember, they ultimately serve God and want you to worship Him alone. It could be that you delve into evil things that shouldn’t be in your life. Allowing darkness, whether its feelings of unforgiveness or an act like adultery, drugs,  or drunkenness, in your life prohibits your angel from working. Holiness and darkness mix about as well as oil and vinegar. Those things also lower your vibration where you can’t communicate with your angel too.

A lack of prayer, meditation, or seeking a spiritual life will also prohibit your angels from working on your behalf. Angels do many things for us. They protect us from dark forces and attract wealth and success to us. Their power to do these things increases as we increase our spiritual life. So, a decrease in our spiritual life limits their power.

Communicating with Your Guardian Angel

You don’t need a medium or psychic to talk to your guardian angel. Our soul automatically connects with the spiritual world as we were created to be immortal in our spirits. It may seem odd to talk to a being you can’t see and, yes, some will think it crazy. However, it is important to talk to your angel to get to know them.

Start like you would as if you are meeting someone new. Say hello. Just talk about what you are thinking about. Ask for help when you need it. Be open to hearing them through inspiration, or even audible guidance. Most of the time, you will have a thought or idea pop into your head that will resolve your problem. That is your angel speaking and directing you. Tell them thanks.

Look for patterns in your life to show your answers also. God is a creator of patterns, so your guardian angel will also use patterns to communicate with you.

Once you allow your angels to be a part of your life, it will feel less supernatural and more normal. You will then wonder how you could have been living this whole time without noticing it.

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