Interpreting the Blue Car in Your Dreams

Blue Car in Your Dreams

Dreams may seem very odd until you learn how to interpret them. Some common themes point to the same elements no matter who dreams them. It could be that most human psyche relates to things in the same patterns or it could be that media and other things that are constantly inputted into our brains tend to stick with many people the same way.

One thing you have to understand about dreams is they jumble a lot of unconscious thoughts together and spit them out into a dream. It is our brain’s way of wrestling with unresolved issues or decluttering the brain of random thoughts. The dream may make no sense to us in our waking hours but makes perfect sense to the unconscious brain.

A common dream among many people is they are driving a blue car. This could have several meanings, depending on what is going on in your life.

Here are some possible interpretations:

  • Pressure to Do Better in Life

You may feel like you aren’t living your best life and should be in a better place. You are feeling the pressure of society and perhaps of your family to aim higher. You may feel like you are facing challenges in reaching a seemingly impossible goal. You need to make a significant change.

  • A Missed Opportunity

Some people dream about driving a blue car when they feel they’ve missed a business opportunity. It may be that you turned down a promotion or another job at a different company because you were afraid of change or lacked confidence. You feel you put too many blocks in your path to success.

  • A Personality Reveal

Driving a blue car in a dream means that you are methodical in your approach to work. You adjust to whatever is going on around you and turn challenges into opportunities. You make your workspace an entertaining and reassuring place to work. You approach everything with a realistic strategy.

You are a planner, perceptive, and leave nothing to chance. You pay attention to the smallest details. Your dream shows you are brilliant, forward-thinking, and concrete in your pursuits. You are gifted in analyzing both situations and people. However, you lack innovation and instinct.

Fear of Change

A dream where you are driving a blue car suggests you have a fear of change. You like routine and the idea of trying something else scares you. Those who are single are afraid of all the changes love brings, even if they want love.

Those in a relationship may dream of driving a blue car when they’re in a rut of routine. You want to change but don’t want to sacrifice what you have or make a mistake. That keeps you stuck even though you long for change.

You want to please others and have a subtle charisma that attracts others. You are restrained, comfort others and are funny. You can be goofy and weird but that also makes you desirable.


Dreaming of driving a blue car has an overall meaning that something needs to change in your life. Yet, you are afraid to make the shift. Go ahead and allow for change. It can start small but you know it’s something you want to do.