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Is Your Past Holding You Back?

Is Your Past Holding You Back?

Everyone has things in their life that prevents them from moving forward. Maybe you have had your heart broken or you have lost someone that you love. Maybe you are struggling at school or at work and you wonder what is causing all of your problems.

Do you know that your past life can cause you to have problems in your present life?

Here are some ways to know if your past life is holding you back:


If you are having a hard time forgiving someone from your past, it can lead to a lifetime of distrust. When someone hurts you, it takes time to forgive them and get over it. Look back at your past and see if you have unforgiveness in your life. Meditate and try to forgive them.


Being abused or living with fear in your life can cause you to not be brave or cause you to miss out on things in your life. Take a class on self-defense and learn to protect yourself in the future.

Good Enough

Somedays you might not feel happy or good about what is happening in your life. You might wonder if you are worthy of good things to come. Maybe you feel that you are unworthy of having a happy life or a good relationship. Talk to a psychic and tell them about your issues and see how you can move forward.

Bad Relationships

Do you have past lovers that have broken your heart? Did they not tell you that you were good enough or did they hurt you? Figure out why you are always attracted to these kinds of relationships. Write down what you want in your relationships and make better decisions.


If you feel that you have to be perfect and you are getting nowhere in your life, be aware of your past and try to figure out what you do not know about it. Talk to a psychic and use regression therapy so that you can figure out why things are not working out for you.


Do you have a health issue that you are not taking care of? Using yoga can help to make your body stronger and to keep you calm. Doing this regularly can help you to be healthier.


Bullying is more than beating someone up, it is about disrespecting others so you can get ahead in life. If you find that you are doing this, your past might be causing you to react this way. Talk to someone and find out why you are acting the way that you are. Figure out how to break this.


Your past life can come back to hurt you and by paying attention to these signs you can be more aware of your past and be stronger in your present and future.

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