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Soulmate Dreams

Soulmate Dreams

We all dream and we all dream about our soulmates at some point. This happens at different times, under different circumstances, and for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, these dreams happen because our subconscious minds are trying to process everything about the relationship. Other times, it is a sign we will soon be hearing from or meeting our soulmate. These dreams can feel very real, as if we are actually together talking and sharing in some place. These hyper realistic dreams are called astral dreams and occur when your higher self meets you soulmates on the astral plane.

Soulmate dreams have the ability to occur before ever meeting your soulmate as you dream of them coming into your life. You may have the dream multiple times, but the person will always appear. You likely dream of meeting this person, having a deep relationship, and feeling a very strong bond. At times, you may see what they physically look like, but there are other times when you will only be able to sense their presence or essence. These dreams can be of a predictive nature signaling the person coming into your life in the near future. They do not give a precise time frame, but remind you that there is a special relationship waiting for you when the time is right.

Soulmate dreams can also occur when you are actually in a soulmate relationship. If you have a soulmate dream while with your soulmate, then the relationship is going to be maintained. Some of the dreams may still be prophetic, showing you what is to come as far as an issue that is arising. This can allow you to come up with solutions before these problems arise. These dreams can also just be calm and normal where you spend time with your soulmate, doing what you love and enjoying one another.

Common Dreams

Though soulmate dreams can vary greatly, there are some that are more common than others. The soulmate dreams that are the most common are those that happen when you are apart from your soulmate due to a break-up or some type of separation. These are often upsetting and confusing for the dreamer. For example, if your soulmate has broken up with you and you have not spoken to them for years and then one night, out of the blue, have a dream about them that feels extremely real. When you awake, you may feel like they were there, right beside you, all night long. It could have even been a sexual dream because this is highly common as well.

Common soulmate dreams can also indicate that you will soon hear from your soulmate in some manner. At the same time, it could signal a meeting of the souls on an astral plane or the other side because something needs communicated. Even when we are living in earthbound bodies, souls still need a way to communicate. During the dream, you may receive a message from your soulmate that allows you to know they are still around even if not in earthly form for the moment.

Soulmate dreams may also occur when your soulmate has crossed over. Much like the scene in Titanic when Rose falls fast asleep and finds herself back on the ship meeting with Jack. It is common for soulmate dreams to occur on the astral plane which is what makes them seem so real. When you wake up, you feel like the person really was with you, both sensing and even smelling them. It can be overwhelming at times, but these dreams are gifts from the universe to you to have the soulmate experience, even when they are not around. They are to remind you of the connection and that one day, you will meet again.

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