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The Meaning of Animals in Dreams

Many people experience fulfillment and love in their relationships with their pets and with animals in nature. Whether you’re cuddling with your cat at the end of the day or enjoying a daily morning walk with your dog, the bond between people and animals is a strong one. That bond is also an important it one: it could reveal important messages to you in your dreams.

As with any interpretation of dreams, it’s critical to analyze in which context the animal appears in your dream. The presence of an animal could be giving you clues about a message, while the appearance, health condition and nature of the animal could provide information that’s essential for completing analysis of the dream.

Here are some animals that commonly appear in dreams, and what those appearances may mean:

  • Dogs

Dogs are known as “man’s best friend.” Dreaming of a dog is probably a message about loyalty and friendship. Is the dog aggressive or affectionate? Is it healthy or neglected? Paying attention to these details will help you discern what the dog in your dream is communicating to you about the condition of your loyalty and friendships. If the dog is barking, you may be receiving a warning that somebody close to you is going to betray your trust in some way.

  • Cats

Cats are mysterious creatures who have their own agendas. Often, dreaming of a cat is a message related to your spirituality, and may be hinting at secrets.

  • Snakes

Dreaming of a snake is your subconscious communicating a message about your innermost self and your psychic energy. Your “reptile brain,” or your intuition, is trying to tell you who you can trust and who you can’t. Dreaming of a snake that’s shedding its skin is a message signifying your entrance into a time of growth, change and enlightenment.

  • Spiders

Many people have a deep fear of spiders. This may have led to spiders’ key roles in peoples’ nightmares. But dreaming of a spider maybe an indication that you’re entering a period of creativity and productivity in your life. If the spider in your dream is is spinning a web, you may be about to become ensnared in a scheme that’s dangerous.

  • Birds

Dreaming about birds could be a message about your goals and your dreams from your subconscious. Birds in your dream that are flying joyfully and cheerfully chirping could be an indication that you’re feeling a sense of liberation and freedom from something you were being held back by. Sickly or aggressive birds in a dream could signify that you’re on the wrong path. Pay attention to the emotions around the dream, the type of birds involved and their actions so you can gain a deeper understanding of where it is that you stand related to your aspirations.

Always remember that the analysis of dreams is a very personal process. Even though some animals have common and traditional messages and meanings, those things may not be true in your case. Let the common symbols act as a guide for you, but take your personal emotions and experiences into account as you work to decode the messages in your dreams.


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