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Train Yourself to Lucid Dream

What is really happening when we sleep and dream? What are dreams, and what is their purpose? Can people control their dreams?

Such questions have puzzled everyone, even the greatest scientists and philosophers, for centuries now. But in the last century, a significant amount of scientific, spiritual and psychic exploration has allowed the dimensional consideration of dreams to be discovered. Metaphysical and scientific realms converge in the study of the connections between minds, bodies and spirits.

Lucid dreaming, by definition, is deliberate and conscious awareness while in the full Rapid Eye Movement stage of sleep. The word “lucid” simply means “clear.” REM is the stage of sleep in which most dreams are fully experienced or remembered by the person dreaming.

Lucid dreaming includes the possibility of incorporating external sensations and sounds into dreams. And the REM stage of sleep is known to be the ideal time to enter and then change your personal programming. This concept lies at the very core of the practice of lucid dreaming.

Do you have a certain goal that’s been difficult to attain? Are you facing an issue you’d like to resolve? Lucid dreaming could be your solution. The best features of lucid dreaming include the simplicity of the methods involved, and the high level of success that can result.

There ‘s an abundance of prerecorded lessons on lucid dreaming that you could use in guiding your dreams. But some people find more significant levels of success when they use their own voice with their own personal specifications.

To create your own dream-guiding recording, start by clarifying your goal. Is it your goal to lose weight? Or to get a new job? Or to experience more success in your romantic relationships? Write out a short script (up to about 5 minutes long) that defines and details exactly what it is that you want to accomplish.

Next, record yourself reading the script on a device that has a playback feature. When you’re reading, be sure to use a slow, gentle tone of voice. Make your voice sound as monotone and as soothing as you possibly can. You’re reading this way in hopes of signaling your sleeping brain that it’s about to receive an important message. You may also include calming background music in your recording.

After you’ve finished reading the script, continue recording to include white noise. White noise can be quiet air space, or it could be the sounds of a gentle rain or light breeze. After a few minutes of white noise, read your script again. The words and music you record will begin to program your sleeping brain to accept and embrace your goals as you play it. You can continue playback of your recording repeatedly during the time you sleep.

If you’re in a situation in your life in which you’re seeking an answer to a certain question, ask the question to your unconscious mind. Then use the unlimited power of your mind to find the answer that you seek.

According to Einstein, all of time is happening right now. Because of this phenomenon, the answer to your question is already known through the vast, dimensional possibilities, and the surrounding events have occurred already. Due to the constrictions of modern Western thought, people are not easily able to attain such information. Therefore, everyone needs to open up their understanding of deeper communication form with other possibilities and dimensions. It is here that lucid dreaming has a significant advantage over most other types of self-exploration.

Once you’ve begun programming your unconscious to be open to the techniques of lucid dreaming, it’s important for you to be disciplined about it. This will help you grow more comfortable with the whole process. When you’re listening to your script every night, it should only take a few weeks for the results of your efforts to become tangible.

As part of the process, be sure you’re keeping a pen with a notebook or a journal near your bed. You should aim to write down the very first things you’re thinking about after you wake up every morning. You should begin to notice actual connections between the things you’re remembering and the things that are beginning to happen when you’re awake.

A reading with an experienced professional psychic would be able to help you make huge strides as you seek to expand your quest for infinite possibilities and spiritual awareness. Try to find someone who specializes in the study of dreams and their analysis. Your dreams are a gateway to amazing levels of personal empowerment and growth. So free the unconscious side of mind. Your questions have already been answered!

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