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Twin Flames, Soulmates, and Karmic Relationships, Oh My!

Twin Flames, Soulmates, and Karmic Relationships, Oh My!

Some may question the fact that if twin flame and soulmate relationships could become karmic relationships, then aren’t all relationships karmic in nature? The answer is a confusing, yet explainable, yes and no.

Are Relationships All Karmic?

The majority of relationships have some basis in karma that requires healing, work, and transcendence. That being said, just because a couple shares karma does not title the relationship karmic. Karmic relationships are defined by karmic frequencies as a determining factor. This is what attracts two people to one another and later causes the dysfunctional dynamics that end the relationship.

Typically, twin flames and soulmates are attracted through spiritual ties and the soul mission frequency. The ties are bright in color and high in frequency as two souls connect through kindness, compassion, love, and wisdom. Twin flames and soulmates tend to have karmic ties with attachment cords that may eventually sabotage the overall relationship.

Twin Flame Gone Wrong

There are numerous stories about twin flame relationships that ended up horribly. If two people are connected, yet fail to work on karma, then more karma is created. At some point the karmic imprints overshadow everything else and change the relationship dynamics. This changes it to a karmic relationship. Since the people are soulmates or twin flames, the karmic intensity is much higher. This creates an inability to clear energy blocks, karmic imprints, and cords of attachment. This results in a failure of the soul mission that was meant to be fulfilled together.

Twin Flame Will Not Participate

If, by chance, your twin flame does not wish to do the work necessary for healing, then work on yourself. This will clear as much of the karma as possible, even what has been created while together. If the person is in fact a twin flame, you will meet again in this lifetime or another. If you have done the work, then when you do meet again, you will no longer project your baggage onto that person. This will cut down on reactions to previous karma. In fact, if they are still carrying their karma, you will be better suited to help.

Be A Mirror

It is likely you have heard we can be a mirror for others. This is true of romantic relationships as well as platonic ones. When with a soulmate or twin flame, this mirror is greatly magnified. These souls are in our lives to help us evolve by reflecting what needs work. Every trigger in you is apparently caused by the soulmate or twin flame is a place you need to clear and heal. Remember that how someone treats you is their karma, but the reaction belongs to you.

Find and Be the One

Our most important relationship in life is with ourselves. To vibrationally resonate within an ascended relationship is to become as clear as possible within ourselves. The more light that you allow through you, the more your light will grow. This is accomplished by loving yourself, being happy, and being fulfilled alone when you are alone. Through conscious light and frequency growth you gain awareness and this allows you to manifest realities.

This type of self-love can overcome blockages like:

  • Guilt and Betrayal
  • Co-dependency
  • Cords of attachment
  • Previous life karma
  • Karmic loops
  • Emotional pain

This is heart chakra work that is key in attracting a relationship that aligns with the higher self. You must be ready to be the one you can rely on so you can achieve a higher self.

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