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Chased in a Dream

What Does it Mean to be Chased in a Dream?

Being chased is one of the most terrifying actions that can occur in a dream.  The act of fleeing a predator triggers a fight or flight response as a natural defense strategy to avoid physical danger.  Any time you have a dream in which you were being chased by someone or something, take some time to analyze its meaning.  Your subconscious may be warning your conscious mind about something your have been running away from in your daily life.

Specifical chase dream meanings

The act for being chased is a common dream scenario.  It signals you have been worried about an issue in your life and now is the time to stop avoiding the problem and confront the issue head-on.  You must own your responsibilities for yourself and others, to provide the best quality of life for your family possible.

A person dreaming of being chase by another person can indicate feeling of being trapped or obsessed by someone.  The proximity between you and the chaser reflects the time you have remaining to deal with your concerns.  If the chaser is immediately behind you, then your problems are about to come to fruition soon.  If you are caught and attacked, this given credence to your situation and can feel quite scary.

Frequent dreams of being chase signifies a need for you to address the importance of the dreams.  This pattern will continue until you successful deal with your anxieties.  This could involve any aspect of your life including work, relationships, or personal concerns.  It may also signal you have a lot of work to do in order to obtain your goals.

If you have criminals chasing you, then this signals you must protect yourself from people looking to take advantage of you in the future.  If swearing or uttering curses are involved while they are chasing you, then your subconscious is telling you that you feel anger about this issue in your life.  Be careful with this anger and stay silent to avoid losing your temper or major implications will occur.

Monsters changing you indicates something will end soon.  If you turn back and notice that no one is there, then you posses the ability to overcome obstacles in your life.  Large animals looming behind you, represents new opportunities have been delayed.  Conversely, if you laugh while being chased mean you can laugh off even the most trying of issues.

Noticed if you are rooted to a spot, an inability to flee signifies a need to take responsibility.  Your worries are coming to you.  Without taking ownership of the situation, you may get consume by your anxiety.  Colleagues chasing you reflect coworkers believing you don’t work as hard as you should.

A slow-motion chase in dreams is a call to reflect deeply on the people and relationships in your life.  You may need to do hard work to improve your dynamic.  If you cannot see who or what is chasing you, then it is time to explore your innermost feelings.  Shadows chasing you can indicate denying yourself something you crave and perhaps it is now time to treat yourself.

Being chased in the streets is sure sign of money woes.  Hiding from or losing what chases you reflects ways to rectify the problem in your daily life.  Being caught or pinned signifies you feel inadequate about something or that you feel trapped.

Bulls chasing you highlights troubles at work, which may be of a competitive nature such as colleagues or suppliers competing for a position.  Dogs chasing you reflects you will be busy in all facets of your life soon.  If these dogs are hunting animals, then be prepared for trouble with your close relationships and you must be savvy with your communication patterns to avoid drama.  Sharks chasing you reflect unavoidable hardships ahead.  If you are attacked in clear water and escape then your resourcefulness may be questioned.

Bats chasing you indicate impending, but minor sickness.  Snakes reflects gratitude from your loved ones for your efforts.  Should the snake bite and kill you, then you will win over your foes and overcome any challenge.  Bees swarming over you may signal major trouble brewing.  If you are stung then be prepare for physical limitations, but if you catch it then be on the lookout for a fair-weather friend.  Being chased by zombies or a mob heralds relationships woes that must be fixed as you are running from social pressure and duties, but if they fail to catch you then it is a positive omen.

Identify what you have been avoiding

You are playing defensive in a chase dream, trying not to get caught.  This is your subconscious alert you to an issue or being that you have been avoiding.  Who or what is chasing you is vitally important to processing your dream.  If you know the person then you may fear the individual will share something unflattering to others or yourself.  Keep in mind being chased by a person can reflect key aspects or traits of your personality.

Feelings of fear, anger, anxiety, jealousy, and loathing frequent manifests as dream-state threats.  A figure in your dream may also signal an aspect of yourself you have chosen to reject, but must be addressed.  Chase dreams can also signal you trying to avoid a painful or anxious situation as these real-world emotions commonly filter down into dreams.  If you have chase dreams you must also look into what you have been running away from in reality.

Distance is key

The space between you and the chaser can be significant in understand your dream.  If the pursuer is gaining in on you, then your root issue will not abate until you confront it.  Yet, if you outrun the threat then your issue may natural resolve itself with time.  At times people who have chase dreams and navigating real-life threats.  This is especially true of assault survivors.  To resolve this pattern, consider processing your fears and ask yourself if they are warranted.  Frequently people develop irrational fear due to overexposure to news and negative media images.

What if I’m the chaser?

If you are the pursuer in a chase dream then you may be driven to seek out a specific goal or person.  If you are chasing an object then you might be feeling delaying in your life and trying to obtain your goal before it eludes you.

Whenever you have a chase dream, make you notate it in your dream journal.  Find the time to analyze the root of the dream and identify areas of meaning.  Although certain dreams feel more impactful than others, not all dreams have equal importance.  Ensure you create the time to research the specific symbols in your dream to begin gaining the full picture of understanding of what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

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