What Does it Mean to Dream of Water?

Dream of Water

Have you ever had a dream that you lived close to the ocean or that you were stuck out in the rain? Maybe these dreams made you feel safe and secure.

Water dreams are dreams that have deep meanings and they are a very common dream. Water has a universal symbol which is based on your emotions and the thoughts that you have. Water is seen in many writings from the Bible to literature about mythology.

One of the biggest themes that water plays a role in is drowning. This often happens to people when they have thoughts of dying or when they are afraid of dying. But the truth is that most of the body is made up of water and so consuming water is important.

No matter what kind of dream that you have about water, the important thing is to try and interpret what your dream means while you are awake. Dreams of water are usually represented of your emotions. This means that you have something going on that you might not even realize.

Understanding Water Dreams

Water dreams can also mean that things are out of reach for you. You might dream from behind a window and realize that all you hear are the sounds of the waves and see the waves splashing but you cannot get to them. You need to know if you feel that your emotions are out of control and if this is why you are having these dreams.

The amount of water that you dream about and what the water is doing can help you to understand the meaning of your dreams even more.

What to Ask About Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about water can be something that you need so that you can learn stuff. Find the answers to questions that you have and find out what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you. Here are some things that you might need to know when trying to interpret your dreams:

  • What kind of water did you dream of? Having dreams of larger waters can mean you have hidden deep emotions.
  • What was the water doing in your dream? Water that is heavy can mean that you have heavy emotions, muddy water can mean that your feelings aren’t clear.
  • What was your reaction to the water in your dream? If you were reacting to drowning, it can mean you are overwhelmed.
  • What do you feel like in your emotions right now? What thoughts have been coming to your mind? What do the dreams of water mean to you?

Kinds of Dreams

There are dreams about water that people have and some are happy while others can leave you feeling afraid. These kinds of dreams can even lead to you having nightmares. These dreams don’t have to be scary though and they can lead to times where you need to explore what is going on inside of you. Find out your interpretation or figure out what you feel that the dreams mean to you.

Dreams of Being Alone on Water

If you dream that you are on a raft in the water and you feel that you might tip over, it can mean that you are dealing with mysteries or that you feel all alone. The raft can mean fears and the idea that they might tip can mean that you are worried about something including your own life.

Being on the sea can mean that you are worried about being consumed by large amounts of water and this can also mean that you are in some kind of trouble and you feel alone and helpless.

The dream can also be a metaphor for your emotions and it can mean that you are dealing with things that are overwhelming you. This can mean that you are experiencing some things that are bringing out big emotions for you.

If you have swam through the wave and you feel that the boat you are on is sturdy, this can mean that you know how to handle your emotions. This can also feel that you aren’t able to handle your reality and that your thoughts are strong.

Swimming Underwater

This kind of dream can be a great dream because it shows that you can confront things that come to you that you don’t expect. If you are going through some kind of hard situation, this kind of dream can mean that you know how to hold your breathe and take things as they go.

One you actually breathe under the water, you will see that you aren’t going to drown or choke and this can mean that you are free and that you like to go on adventures.


No matter what kind of dreams that you have, water dreams can mean that you are growing and that you are able to deal with the emotions that you have in front of you. If you are someone that avoids going by water in your dreams then it can mean that you are avoiding having relationships that are close.

No matter what is going on, this kind of dream can mean that you have emotions that are not comfortable to you and that there is a chances that you are about to get hurt with someone close to you.

Dreams of water can mean that you are getting cleansed and that you are getting liberated. It can mean that you are a survivor because of the fact that water is a huge part of what your body is made up of.

Final Thoughts

Dreams of water can make you focus on your emotions and see how you can be more alert to what is going on in your life. The next time that a dream about water comes to you, try, and figure out what it means and learn to embrace it.