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Dream About Working

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Working?

When you think of people that work to live instead of living to work, dreaming about their job might be more of a nightmare than a dream. Some people dream about having a new job even as soon as being on their job the second day. Some people love their job, and they couldn’t imagine what their life would be if they didn’t have that job.

Most people in the world work and it is safe to say that many people are stressed about their job. The stress can cause people to have dreams about their workplace.

Interpreting Dreams

If you are having dreams about your job, do not be worried about this because you aren’t the only one that does.

Dreaming You Are Naked

If you dream that you are naked on the job and you are trying to find a way to hide your body, it can mean that you are vulnerable and that your job is not making you comfortable. This might be a time where you need to consider how to change your feelings about your work.

If everyone else on the job is naked except you, it can mean you are hiding something from your boss or the people that you work with or that you are doing something dishonest.

Going to the Bathroom

When you dream that you are in the bathroom, it can mean that you are not feeling supported by people on your job.

If you dream you go to the bathroom but there are no walls to keep you private, it can mean that you need to have boundaries at work.

Being Late

When you dream about being late for work, it can mean that you are being responsible on your job. Maybe you do both homework and on-site work, and you feel that you don’t have enough time in your day to get things done and completed on time.

Dreaming of getting lost on the way to work can mean that you feel that you are no longer able to focus on your job and you always feel distracted easily when you are doing your work.


Dreaming of having sex with your boss is a normal dream and it can mean that you want something from your boss such as a promotion.

Having sex with a co-worker in your dream can mean that you need to get to know the person better and that you could use their skills to make your job easier.

Dreams and Purpose

Dreams always have a purpose, and they help us to know what is going on in our loves. Some people dream because they have emotions that they are suppressing. Find out what the dream makes you feel and work to solving the hidden meaning behind your dream.

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