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Dream About Your Ex

What Makes You Dream About Your Ex?

People often dream about their ex and this has been especially true with the pandemic and people not being able to get out of the home and do as much as they used to do.

Many dream specialists believe that it is normal to dream about your ex and that sometimes your dreams aren’t even trying to tell you anything at all.

People will blame the pandemic or other things about their dreams but there could be more to do with boredom than there is to do with anything else.

Some dreams happen because people have too much free time on their hands and they think about their relationships more.

Sleeping More

People that sleep more hours will dream more. With the pandemic, many people were off work and so they were sleeping longer hours.

Without setting an alarm, people might stay in the dream stage of sleep longer or the REM.


When someone is mourning over a loss, they often dream because of guilt or sadness.

Being Lonely

Even if you aren’t alone, you might feel lonely. In quarantine, many people felt that they were alone because they weren’t able to be with their family or friends. This can cause more dreaming.


If you have fear or if you have anxiety, you might dream more. Some people dream because they play out their ideas of fear and this can be relationships or other things.

Other Issues

Some other reasons that people can dream about their ex include:

  • Not being satisfied.
  • Not being satisfied sexually.
  • Feelings about the ex that were never resolved.
  • Feelings about the breakup that were never resolved.

Looking at Dreams

Dreams can be wild or scary and sometimes even good. Here are some common dreams:

Ex from A Long Time Ago

If you dream about an ex that was in your life a long time ago, you might have desires or you might be afraid of love.

Recent Ex

These dreams might be happening because you are thinking about the person a lot. You are probably trying to heal from the breakup.

Abusive Ex

Dreaming about an abusive ex or someone that was toxic to you happens because of the trauma you experienced.

If you dream that your ex is abusive, it is possibly because you are upset with yourself on how the relationship ended.

Missing Them or Them Missing You

What are some of the things that you are missing about your ex? These dreams could be that you are missing out on the personality that your ex had.

Wanting Each Other Back

Dreaming of wanting your ex back means you are probably missing their qualities.

Saying Sorry

If you dream that your ex is saying they are sorry, you want them to apologize you for what they did to you. This can also mean that you have regrets, and you want to make things right.

Past Issues

If you dream of confronting your ex for how they treated you, you are finally ready to look at how poorly they treated you.

Getting Back Together

Dreaming that you and your ex are getting back together can mean that you are focusing on the reasons why you broke up with them. It can also mean that you have made peace with your past relationship.

Falling in Love Again

If you dream you are falling in love this can be because you are lonely.

Having Sex

Dreaming that you are having sex can mean that you miss having a physical connection with someone. There are reasons you broke up with your ex and now might be the time you need to write them down.

Having a Child Together

This doesn’t mean you are pregnant, what it probably means is that you are becoming new and having a new life.


Fighting with your ex can mean you have conflict in your life that you need to face.


If your ex cheated on you then you might be dreaming about them hurting, you. This might mean that you have a hard time trusting now and you may even feel like a third wheel in your other relationships.

Breaking Up

Breaking up with your ex in a dream means you are still processing the breakup. Give yourself some chances to heal and do not be so hard on yourself.

New Relationship

If you dream, they have met someone new, this can mean that you are ready to move on in your own life.

They Are in Some Kind of Danger

If you are trying to save them, this can mean you need to learn a lesson from your past relationship. Maybe they helped you to become better and you see those traits in yourself.


Your dream can mean you are ready to move on past your life and start new.

Killing You

If your ex kills you in your dream, you need to see if you feel like you have lost yourself in the relationship. Maybe you lack things such as confidence or trust and you need to rebuild it.

You Are killing Them

Dreaming of you killing your ex can mean that you have hurt and anger that you need to work through.

Dream Thoughts

People that have dreams often want to understand their dreams. If you are single and dreaming about your ex, chances are that you miss them, or you miss having someone in your life that you are affectionate with. This could be your mind telling you that you miss that.


How did your dream make you feel? What did your ex make you think about in your dream? Pay attention to if they made you feel positive or negative. Try to plan a date with your partner that you are with now to bring out some excitement.

Them Getting Covid-19

Dreaming about your ex getting a disease or sickness can mean that you are still upset with them over the relationship. This can mean that you have issues that you need to work through.

Getting over your ex can be hard and if you keep dreaming about them, this can be a sign you are still in love or dependent on them.

Red Flag Dreams

If these keep happening to you, your dreams can be a red flag and you might need to talk to someone:

  • They happen each night.
  • You wake up feeling depressed.
  • You have these fantasies and dreams while awake.

Telling Your Current Partner

If you are dreaming of your ex and you are in a relationship, you need to talk to your partner. Chances are that you might be jealous, or you might be struggling with something in your relationship. Take time to let them know what is going on in your heart and mind.

Ask yourself if you tell your partner if there will be consequences if you tell them but if there aren’t, you should be open with them.

When you tell your partner, you don’t have to be detailed about the dream. Find out if your dreams are haunting you and then talk to your partner and see if they can help you work out your own issues.

Some dreams about your ex can mean you still love them but if you are with someone that you think you love now, your dreams can mean:

  • You are unsatisfied with your current relationship.
  • You aren’t over your ex.
  • Your life circumstances have you down.
  • You are ready to move on from your ex.

Figure out what your issues are and see if this can help you to stop dreaming about your ex and to move forward.


People dream all during their life and dreaming during a pandemic can mean that you have too much loose time on your hands.

You need to decide how you are going to deal with your dreaming and see if you can move on healthier and happier from it.

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