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Women And Their Sexual Fantasies Interpreted

Sexual fantasies are more commonly associated with men.  Maybe because they express it more than their female counterparts.  Women tend to keep their sexual fantasies, sexual exploits and sexual relationships more to themselves than men do.

So, what do women commonly fantasize about?  Sex among others, for sure.  Let’s take a look at some of them and what those sexual fantasies could mean.

Domination.  This fantasy allows a woman to engage in sexual stuff that may seem taboo, without any guilt. A woman who sees herself as submissive can signify a desire for a loss of control; freedom from responsibility is thrilling!

Sex with a woman.  Relax, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a woman is questioning her sexuality. It shows that she appreciate the sexiness of the female form (we are gorgeous) — and that she is open-minded about pleasure.

dominationA threesome. If she is picturing herself with two men, she wants to be adored and doted on — heck, maybe even fought over. Thinking about herself and her guy with another woman ignites the very sexy idea that other ladies find her guy attractive too.

Sex with her guy. This is the most common fantasy for women. It’s usually more exciting than her average roll in the hay — say, a replay of her hot honeymoon. And it simply means that sex with her partner turns her on. What a great thing!

Sex with another man (usually a celebrity). This doesn’t mean she’s dissatisfied with her real sex life, just that she’s excited by new experiences — and, of course, gorgeous stars.

sexual fantasiesWomen are hard by to admit they have these sexual fantasies, not even to their partners.  They normally keep these things to themselves or share only to a close few.  They are afraid to be thought of as irresponsible or leaning towards promiscuity but doctors would say this is normal.  Bottomline, it is nothing to be ashamed of, instead, maybe a woman can stop worrying why she has these fantasies but redirect her focus on spicing up her current sex life which can definitely strengthen her romantic relationship.

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