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Do your dreams tell the future?

Are your dreams just visions dancing in your head? Is it possible that your subconscious is trying to tell you something? How do you know?

Many people have dreams that are intuitive or psychic.  People have recorded their dreams in order to discern their meanings. We dream during the deep, REM cycle of sleep, and while we are sleeping deeply, our subconscious is in charge.

Normally what we dream has no specific meaning. Our dreams are just a ribbon of unrelated thoughts that we may or may not remember.  But there are dreams that are powerful and can have a large impact on our lives.  These dreams can tell of good times ahead or be insight into the hope of a new love.

Sometimes we get a hint at our own intuition by dreaming about an old friend and then they suddenly reappear in our lives.

This type of dream gives the promise of understanding our lives and thoughts a little better.

One of the greatest tragedies of the last century is the sinking of the Titanic. Hundreds of lives were lost. At the time of the sinking, there were reports of a number people dreaming about the this tragedy before it happened, and even though no one could stop it, many already knew about it.  And only fifty years later, renowned psychic Jeanne Dixon foretold the assassination of President Kennedy, but no one heeded her warnings.

There are tons of stories just like this, so how can we, regular people tell when a dream is just a dream or if it’s a sign of things to come?

Dreams can not only tell us the future, they can also help us find the answers to problems.  This is because when we are free from the day to day grind of physical world, we can explore our subconscious and the  connections we have to each other.

Here are a few types of psychic dreams that people have reported:

Out of body experiences or soul walking

Some people report such vivid dreams  that it seems as if they have actually walked through the situation as someone else.  When these people wake, they find that the event in their dreams really happen.

Premonitions or precognitive dreams

It may seem frightening to get a glimpse of the future, especially since if the event is a major tragedy.  This dreams can seem like nightmares and these dark premonitions may even come from the spirit of someone we know who has passed on.  Don’t discount something just because it’s a bit scary.  Precognitive dreams may even recur.  It is said that having the same dream three times is a sign that it is a precognition.

Telepathic Dreams or thoughts from person to person

Sometimes feelings and thoughts are communicated from one person to another through their dreams.   This is known is tapping, as in, someone tapping on another’s door to get their attention.  This type of dream generally only happens when two people are close to each other either emotionally or spiritually and they use their dreams to submit ideas and feelings too each other.  This is quite common between twins, who often communicate in their own language.  These dreams are sent with focused energy and intentionally sent.

Dreams that give insight

This type of dream lets a person receive knowledge from other realms or points in time.   Spiritual leaders and psychics have this kind of dream regularly and help spread this wisdom.

Dreams shared with another

If two people have the same dream, it is more than likely that this is a precognitive dream, especially if a large group of people has the same dream.  This type of dream can leave one feeling tense and anxious.

Waking or Lucid dreams

This kind of dream is indeed startling because it is so clear and so real it  may seem like the dreamer is in a trance but is experiencing a vision.

Any of the dreams can be startling. This is why the art of dream interpretation has developed to the point of becoming a science.   There are a series of symbols and meanings that recur in dreams.  It is important to keep a dream journal in order to track the pattern of your dreaming so that you can better tell if your dreams are precognitive.

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